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Why YouTube ads are so loud on Roku? And how you can fix this

The number of users of YouTube is constantly growing because it makes sense because on this streaming platform every person will find video content that suits this person. Today, YouTube is used on a variety of devices because this service supports it. This includes Roku devices.

Viewing YouTube on the big screen of your TV with a Roku device is much more pleasant. So you have the opportunity to watch video content with your tv from music playlists to comedy TV shows. However, unfortunately, many users find themselves in a situation where YouTube ads on their Roku device are very annoying and many want to fight it.

Why are commercials louder on your Roku TV

Most people who watch YouTube using Roku do so in their spare time, most often in the evening before going to bed. Because during the day there isn’t always time to watch video content on YouTube using Roku. That is why if the ads are too loud, it can be even more annoying when a person is about to fall asleep. Anyone would agree that this is a very big disadvantage that people regularly write about and discuss.

Loud ads that appear between your content and commercials, no matter how short, can ruin the overall viewing experience. In addition, completely destroy the sleepy mood and interfere with loved ones who live with you in the house. However, despite this, there is an explanation and a way to improve the situation. If you still don’t watch video content on YouTube because you have heard about this problem before, don’t worry because the situation can be corrected, figure out how to watch YouTube on Roku.

What makes YouTube ads so loud

In fact, before you take any steps to optimize the sound of YouTube ads on Roku or try to block them altogether, you need to figure out why they sound louder. The reason is that your video content and ads have a dynamic range. Dynamic range is the average change or range between the loudest and quietest noise in any audio content.

For content such as movies or any other video content, dynamic range is maintained at a high level. This is most likely done intentionally as advertising works to attract the attention of potential customers.

By you, a lot of people notice and report difficulties while watching in the Roku community, you can read what other people are saying, maybe your problems are similar and you can find some advice from users past what you read in this post.

Also, don’t forget that there are ways or partially or completely block YouTube ads on Roku. Following the ways which are written in the article, you can’t look for solutions on how to adjust the sound of ads. In the same way, don’t forget about the YouTube Premium subscription.

What to do to make YouTube ads not so loud on Roku

In fact, there is currently no way to completely remove the sound of YouTube ads on Roku. However, there are other ways that will help to adjust the sound a little and save the situation, you will need to do some actions and observe the sound and understand whether you need to make changes yet or not. To do this, follow these steps to enable automatic volume equalization :

  • To do this you need to press the ‘Home’ button on the remote Roku.
  • Then select the ‘Settings’ section.
  • After that, you need to select the ‘Audio’ item.
  • Then go to the ‘Volume Modes’ section.
  • You need to select ‘Leveling’.

This will eventually help you have a consistent volume of different types of entertainment. This will allow you to not have to change the volume every time you change channels or turn on ads.

It’s worth hoping that in the near future creators will respond to the requests of users and be able to create all conditions at their sites so that viewing was as comfortable as possible. Also, complaints about the fact that the volume of Roku is set too high for commercials won’t be, because the volume of ads is the same as the volume of content.

Is there a way to automatically tune the sound of YouTube ads on Roku

If you follow the steps described in the previous paragraph you can improve the situation a little. The Sound Leveling feature is the best way to enjoy video content on YouTube without the stress of boosting the sound. However, also in spite of this, it’s possible to include another set. This method will suit you if you have loved ones in the house and you don’t want to disturb them. You need to turn on the night mode. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of your Roku device.
  • Then select the ‘Sound Settings’ item.
  • Under ‘Volume leveling’, scroll down to the ‘Night mode‘ item.

With these actions, you can set the maximum sound threshold. In order not to disturb your loved ones who are in the same room with you or just like to watch video content at low volume.

What should do if YouTube ads on Roku can’t be skipped

From the fact that YouTube ads on Roku devices, many users don’t know how to squeak, it’s even more annoying. The situation is that on top of having to watch ads that are most likely not interesting, and in addition it’s also loud. That’s why many people have this issue open so acutely.

If you have a device Roku and previously thought that skipping YouTube ads can’t be because some models are missing from the remote ‘skip’ button, you should learn more about this issue and read the article on why you can’t skip YouTube ads.

In addition, you should remember that you have the opportunity not to have these problems at all, you can’t deal with ads. So video service offers a subscription for $11.99 per month. If you follow this advice you won’t have to see ads and they won’t disturb and annoy you.



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