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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Who makes Midea appliances – here’s everything you should know

When buying a kitchen or home appliance, you may be interested in who makes the particular one and where the manufacturing plants are located. Nowadays, there’s nothing strange if you want to know these points, as appliances cost much enough to make you consider twice before making a choice. So let’s talk about Midea Group to understand where and who makes Midea appliances.

Let’s start with the basic info.

Midea Group is a Chinese appliance manufacturer, that produces a wide range of appliances. Also, the company is an assembler of home appliances for other brands. That means that other companies are placing their orders – Midea Group is making appliances, that are sold under the third-party brand.

Alongside the Midea brand, Midea Group also owns the brands like Toshiba, Colmo, Comfee, LittleSwan, Eureka. So if you’re, for example, Toshiba microwave, you’re buying Midea manufactured microwave, but under the Toshiba brand. Such microwaves are assembled on the same factory as microwaves under Midea brand but usually features other design.

Also, Midea is supplying component parts to other companies that are manufacturing home and kitchen appliances. The total revenue of Midea Group was 285,7 RMB billion (almost $44 billion).

The history of Midea Group

Since the early 2000s, the company has invested resources in R&D to offer customers inexpensive products with acceptable quality. Midea has been developing various products on its own, as well as buying former home appliance companies. As an example, in 2010, were established joint companies with air-conditioner manufacturer Carrier. And in 2016, Midea acquired Toshiba’s appliance division. Also in 2016, Midea acquired Kuka, a German robot maker. Deciding to enter the vacuum cleaner market, Midea acquired Eureka, a manufacturer of home care products.

After all these acquisitions, Midea has become a group of companies whose core business is the production of home and kitchen appliances, their components, and assembling for third-party companies.

Where Midea washing machines and dryers are made?

Midea washing machines and dryers are produced in China in three factories in Wuxi, Hefei, Nanhai. The total capacity of the factories allows the production of about 34 million units of clothes care appliances. The factory in Thailand also produces top-loading washing machines, the capacity of the plant is 2 million washing machines per year.

Where Midea microwaves, gas ovens, and electric ovens are made?

The main production of microwave ovens, gas stoves, and cooker hoods is located in factories in China. Midea is a very large microwave oven manufacturer, with a production capacity of about 40 million microwave ovens per year. And also about 10 million electric ovens. Thailand has a small microwave oven assembly line with a production capacity of 400,000 per year.

Where are Midea refrigerators made?

Midea is a large refrigerator manufacturer, with 6 factories involved in refrigerator production. Much of the refrigerator production is outsourced to other brands. Refrigerators are manufactured in China.

Where Midea air conditioners are made?

Midea air conditioners are manufactured in China, with a production capacity of about 65 million air conditioners per year. The production of air conditioners is one of Midea’s core businesses in the home appliance industry.

Where Midea small appliances are made?

Rice cookers, blenders, steamers, fans, heaters of the Midea brand are manufactured in China. Midea has 3 factories with the total capacity of the plants allows to produce about 100 million units per year.


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