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GuidesWhat 'user not found' means on Instagram

What ‘user not found’ means on Instagram

It’s considered that almost every person who has ever tried to find the user’s profile on Instagram, received a message that the user’s page couldn’t be found. It’s really annoying. Moreover, the situation gets more frustrating as there is no shortage of reasons why this may have occurred. 

What ‘user not found’ means on Instagram

The “user is not found” error in Instagram’s mobile app means that the user whose profile you’re trying to visit is inaccessible to you or others for one of a few causes. You can learn about those reasons in the sections below.

If you use Instagram’s desktop version and have faced this issue, you will see the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available” displayed.

The reasons why the error has occurred and now you see a “user not found” or “page isn’t available” error would be displayed in the section below:

Unfortunately, not all of those reasons can be fixed, but the process of solving some of those reasons is quite straightforward.

  • You made a spelling mistake

Sometimes, it may happen that you have entered manually the nickname incorrectly. In this case, you should check twice the spelling, as it is the most common reason why the profile is unavailable.

  • The user has changed their username

Surely, as each social network, Instagram provides its users with an opportunity to change their username whenever they want. This manipulation can be done from both, mobile and desktop versions. The username forms the basis of the URL for your Instagram profile, so if it has been changed, your location on Instagram will also be changed. Due to this fact, if someone changes his/her username, their profile will not be available to be found by typing in their old username. So, you should find the new username. 

  • The user’s account has been disabled

Instagram provides its users with an opportunity to temporarily disable their accounts. This is a perfect choice for those who want to have rest from social media for a short time, but want to return back to their social life. If you have disabled your account, other users won’t be able to find your account. They will see a displayed message that would say that your account couldn’t be found. So if you can’t find a user, it may be that they want to have rest from Instagram but will come back soon. Instagram never provides details that an account is disabled, though.

  • The user’s account has been banned or suspended

Not all reasons for being unable to find an account are fully satisfying. If a user has infringed Instagram’s terms of service, for instance, abusing other accounts or engaging in inappropriate behavior, the account of that user will be banned for a certain period of time. In most cases, bans are for a limited period of time, such as 48 hours. Surely, there are other cases, when the account would be banned permanently and you won’t be able to unban it. It depends only on the nature of the offense or an accruement of violations. 

  • The user’s account has been deleted

A user can choose to temporarily disable his/her account, but Instagram also provides people with an opportunity to select to permanently delete the account as well. If your account has been deleted, it would be fully deleted from Instagram and the account’s username will become available for usage for other new Instagram users. That means if you can’t reach a particular user, that account might have been deleted and the username is currently not in use by anyone.  

  • Your account has been blocked

Among all the reasons that were mentioned above, there is one more common one. You may be in the block list of the person whose profile you try to visit. In case the user has blocked you, you won’t be able to view that account, and the experience will be no different than if the account has been disabled, deleted, or suspended.

So, as you can see, the reasons for having that error occur can be different, so you should check it out to make sure which of the cases you have.



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