As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What is And how to access this email

Well, that’s a domain name, and currently, it isn’t working. So why you’re reading about it? Because you may have this domain in your email address, am I right?

Once a long time ago, there was a company called SBC Communications, Inc. And it had SBC Global subdivision for its wireline internet, distance voice, and data services business. SBC Communications purchased AT&T back in 2005 for &16 billion but decided to change its name to AT&T, Inc., as the last was a more well-known name.

Before the merger, the company offered an email service so that you could create an email like

The domain isn’t live now (there’s even no redirect to, but the emails created on this domain are still effective, and you can use them via AT&T.

Use email via AT&T

The acquisition and rebranding took place in 2005, so there are not so many email accounts with in their name, and even fewer of them are used nowadays. But that are some still of the people, and if you have an email ending with, you can still use it.

  • You need to go to or AT&T Mail.
  • Here, click on Sign In in the right-top corner and use your email as a User ID.
  • Enter your password.

Now, you can access the email account.

IMAP, POP3, and SMTP settings for accounts

IMAP port993 
IMAP securitySSL
IMAP passwordYour password

SMTP port465
SMTP securitySSL
SMTP passwordYour password

POP3 port995
POP3 securitySSL
POP3 passwordYour password

Use via Gmail

You can add your to your Gmail account.

  • In your Gmail account, click on the Gear icon.
  • Click on See all settings.
  • Here, click on Accounts and Import.
  • Click on Add a Mail account.
  • Follow the pop-up window prompts to set up a account.

History of SBC Communications

Oh no, no. I wouldn’t write it there (like other articles on the Internet do). You can read the detailed story of SBC Communications (And AT&T, as it’s named now) on Wikipedia.



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