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What is Quick Add in Snapchat

If you’re new to Snapchat, it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to add friends and mutuals. Here you’ll find out more about Quick Add and how it can help you make more friends and acquaintances.

What does Quick Add mean in Snapchat

Shoot a 10-second video or take a photo, put a funny mask or lens on it, add text, funny stickers or draw something with your own hand, send to your friends instead of the usual SMS – that’s what the Snapchat mobile application is all about.

Does it seem simple and unoriginal? It might be! However, according to a study by Edison Research, as of April 2016, Snapchat was the second most popular social network in the U.S. after Facebook. In just one year, its audience grew by 10%.

Snapchat becomes more fun when you start connecting with new people. Basically, there is a way to see mutual friends on Snapchat, giving you the opportunity to expand your circle of friends to other known associates.

Okay, but how does Snapchat perform “Quick add”? Snapchat supports the ability to add friends through several options, one of which is “Quick Add. This is essentially the Snapchat equivalent of Facebook’s “People You May Know,” based on factors such as the number of mutual friends and/or location (if enabled).

That is if you and a friend have mutual acquaintances, or it can be people only your friend knows, then Snapchat will offer them to you as mutual friends. Thus, you can expand your field of acquaintances and communicate with more people.

What options help to find and add friend via Snapchat

As previously mentioned, Quick Add helps the user find mutual acquaintances or just new friends who’re friends of your friends. Not only does Snapchat work this way, but also other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, etc. It’s this option will increase the activity of users in social networks, so more than one Quick Add option exists so that you can find more friends.

In Snapchat, there are four options for adding people you know. Here are a few of them with specific descriptions and how to use them.

Via Contact Book

First, you can add friends via your phone’s contact book. This option appears to you as soon as you register with Snapchat – it’s a classic because it shows you the friends and acquaintances available in Snapchat, whose contacts you have in your “phone book”.

To add friends through this option, just follow the instructions:

  • Tap the profile icon in the top-left corner of your screen.  After that, tap ‘Add friends’, then click ‘All Contacts’. Hit ‘Continue’ when asked to sync your contacts.
  • Snapchat will then sort through your contacts and find friends based on their phone numbers.
  • Once Snapchat finds your friends, you can add them at your discretion.

Now you have access to all your friends and acquaintances via Snapchat that you used to add in contact.

Via Username

When registering, Snapchat asks you to create a unique username. No matter how many billions of people use Snapchat, they all have unique user names. This makes it easier for you to find a specific person in Snapchat. So if you know how your friend is signed on Snapchat, use this guide to add them as a friend:

  • Go to your profile and then tap ‘Add Friends.’
  • Now, instead of looking for someone by searching your ‘Contacts,’ enter their username in the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • After you’ve done this, simply tap ‘Add’ to add the person to your friends list.

Via Snapcode

Another option for adding friends would be Snapcode. This is a kind of the equivalent of your link to your profile, only a personal code that’s unique to their profile and cannot be replicated by someone else.

  • If your friend shares their Snapcode with you, you can scan that visual code with your camera and then add them as friends. There are two ways to do this.
  • First, your friend can share a picture of their Snapcode with you. Once they do, open Snapchat, tap and hold the shared Snapcode, and in the pop-up menu, select ‘Save to Camera Roll’.
  • Open your profile icon and click ‘Add Friends’. Click the Snapcode icon on the top-right corner of the screen. This will open your camera roll where you can select your friend’s Snapcode.
  • Once you upload the picture of the Snapcode, Snapchat will scan it, find your friend, and ask you to confirm the friend request.
  • As an alternative, if you’re with your friend in person, you can simply open the app and hold their Snapcode in front of your camera. Tap and hold your screen. Snapchat will scan the code and ask you if you want to add your friend. Just click ‘Add Friend’ and you’re done!

Via Quick Add

The last option is Quick Add, which is what was mentioned at the beginning of the article. This format simply offers you, friends, you know and all you have to do is to press the “Add” button and the person will be your friend.

These ways are quite easy and fast – you can have up to 6,000 friends in Snapchat, although there is no limit to how many people you can add.



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