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What is Movie Mode on TV

Let’s talk about the TV picture setting (movie mode). This picture quality setting in TVs has been around since the 1980s, so it’s over 40 years old. And yet many people, even those who actively use TV often don’t know how it works.

Why to use Movie Mode on TV?

TV manufacturers usually explain Movie Mode as a mode that maximizes visual quality to the quality intended when the movie was shot. This mode is used by most “professional” viewers because it provides cinematic picture quality when watching movies (especially in low light conditions).

But to explain more simply, most viewers watch movies in a quiet environment, usually in the evening, when electric lighting is either turned off or less powerful light sources are used. If you watch a movie at the default settings, the brightness and contrast of the TV is too high, which can cause discomfort and this can cause headaches. To prevent this from happening, a picture quality preset called Movie Mode was invented.

How Movie Mode works?

The Movie Mode operating principle is quite simple. The brightness, contrast settings are set to less than usual. The color tone level is slightly increased. The color tones are increased to create a softer image. The image should be set so as not to irritate the eyes.

Movie Mode is an option for preset picture settings. Designed specifically for watching TV in certain conditions. It could also be called as a night mode for watching TV, but that name doesn’t really fit. The name Movie Mode sounds better.

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