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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What does UR mean on Samsung washer

When you get a UR or UE error code when using a Samsung washer-dryer, it means that an unbalanced load has been detected. UE is an alternative designation for this code on some Samsung washing machine models. Unbalanced load refers to items that overload the washing machine when they’re placed in the drum. Also, this code can be caused by an uneven surface on which the machine is standing or a problem with the drive belt.

How too much laundry ca cause an error

When loading laundry into the washer drum, it’s important to understand that there shouldn’t be too much or too little laundry. In such cases, if you don’t load an adequate amount of items in the drum it can lead to imbalance and, accordingly, the UR code. In case you have overloaded the drum or unloaded enough, just try to add or remove a few things. If the cause is the load and not the washing machine, that should solve the problem. Be careful of threads and shoelaces when loading them into the drum. If they get caught in a certain part of the drum or agitator, it can be the cause of not only imbalances but also more serious problems with the washer. Make sure that when you load such items, you put them in a special safe wiping bag or tie them in such a way that they don’t get anywhere inside the machine.

How uneven surface can cause an error

Quite often, the uneven surface on which the washing machine stands causes uneven distribution of the load. Cushioning inside the washing machine can neutralize this problem, but only if the slope isn’t too great, and you hadn’t overloaded the machine. To solve this problem, level the appliance horizontally. To do this, adjust the feet with a spirit level.

How control module can cause a mistake

The problem may also be a faulty control module. To check if this is the case, try turning off the power for 10-15 minutes and restarting the washer. The electronic controller may have detected an imbalance where none exists. Restarting the washing machine may solve this problem. If the reason for the appearance of the UR error code isn’t in overloading, uneven surface, and you have already restarted the machine and the code keeps appearing, it means that something damaged the control board. Due to its being damaged, it gives out wrong commands. In this case, you need to replace the broken parts.

How tachometer can cause a mistake

The vibration sensor, aka tachometer, controls the number of revolutions. If it’s damaged, two scenarios are possible:

  • The drum rotates normally, but when the washing, rinsing, or spin phase begins, the UR error appears.
  • The washing machine stops working and reports a dysfunction independent of the washing stage.

Both mean that the sensor is defective and must be replaced.

How bearing can cause a mistake

The bearing is the key element that connects the motor, pulley, and shaft, transmitting the torque. Its operation depends on the smooth rotation of the drum. If the bearing unit is damaged, the equipment is noisy when it accelerates. A characteristic feature that is a problem with the bearing is that there may be oily spots on the floor, and the machine emits a characteristic hum. If previous parts you can still try to replace yourself, in this case, you need a specialist.

How belt can cause a mistake

In belt-driven washing machines, the belt is transmitting torque. If something wrong with the belt, replace it with a new one. This will solve your problem.

How broken amortization can cause a mistake

In the washing machine, springs are suspending the tank from the body. At the bottom, there are shock absorbers. They dampen the vibration when the speed is high. Accordingly, without shock absorbers, vibrations are unbalancing machine, and error code UR will appear.

How deformed motor brushes can cause a mistake

The rarest problem is the carbon brushes. If the drum is spinning easily by hand, but you can’t get it up to speed when you start it, then it’s time for you to change carbon brushes. If there is something wrong with them, then a magnetic field that is very important for the rotation of the rotor cannot be accumulated. As a result, a UR error occurs. To replace the brushes, you have to disassemble the motor.



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