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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What does Red Heart on Snapchat means

Emojis have become an integral part of modern communication. They add emotion and convey messages beyond mere words. Snapchat is no exception. With its unique emojis, Snapchat uses these symbols to indicate different levels of friendship and connection between users.

Among the many emoji available on Snapchat, the red heart often gets users’ attention. The red heart emoji has an important place in Snapchat’s symbolic language.

What is Red Heart ❤️ on Snapchat?

A red heart on Snapchat is a symbol of best friends.

On Snapchat, a red heart emoji next to a user’s name or in a chat conversation typically indicates that you have been each other’s best friends for a significant period of time. In Snapchat, “best friends” are determined by the frequency and consistency of interactions with another user.

If you see a red heart emoji next to someone’s name in your friend list, you have been each other’s best friends for at least two weeks. This indicates a strong and ongoing connection between you and that person on the platform.

The longer you stay in touch with another user, such as exchanging messages, viewing each other’s stories, and maintaining your friendship, the brighter the red heart becomes. This can symbolize a stronger and deeper connection between you.

How to get a Red Heart on Snapchat?

You can focus on constant and frequent interaction with a particular user to increase the likelihood of receiving a red heart emoji or any other emoji that symbolizes a close connection or friendship. In general, to get a red heart, it is worth highlighting the main actions:

  • Snap Frequently.

To establish a strong Snapchat friendship and earn that coveted red heart, exchange snaps with the user you’re regularly targeting. Sending and receiving snaps are important, and responding promptly to others’ snaps is crucial. Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining a high level of interaction.

  • Engage in Chats.

Don’t limit your communication to just snaps. Initiate conversations and chat frequently with the user you want to be best friends with. By sending messages and actively engaging in discussions, you can strengthen your bond and increase the chances of obtaining a red heart.

  • Maintain Streams.

Snapchat streaks are a way to demonstrate consistency in sharing photos with the same person for days on end. Maintaining streaks requires sharing photos without interruption. Maintaining the strips consistently can create a pattern of continuous interaction, increasing your chances of getting a red heart.

  • Use Snap Map.

Use Snap Map in Snapchat to find out where your friends are. Use geo-referencing, create geohistories, and even plan to meet the user you want to be friends with. Use Snap Map uniquely to create unforgettable experiences and continue interacting with your friends.

Remember that the red heart emoji on Snapchat is reciprocal, so you and the other user must constantly interact to keep it.

What do the other Snapchat emojis mean?

Snapchat uses a variety of emojis to symbolize different levels of interactions, relationships, and engagement between users. Here are some commonly used Snapchat emojis and their potential meanings:

  • Yellow Heart 💛

The yellow heart emoji signifies a close friendship on Snapchat. It appears next to the username of the person you exchange snaps with the most, indicating that they are your “Best Friend.”

  • Pink Hearts 💕

Pink hearts indicate a “Best Friends” status between you and the other user. This emoji appears after both users have consistently exchanged snaps with each other for two months in a row.

  • Smiling Face 😊

A smiling emoji tells you that the person you are sending the pictures to is one of your friends but not your best.

  • Smirking Face 😏

This emoji indicates that you are one of that user’s best friends, but they are not on your list of best friends. In simple terms, they send you many pics while you send them less in reply.

  • Sunglasses 😎

The sunglasses emoji indicates that you and the other user share a mutual “Best Friend.” It means that you both have a close friend in common.

  • Fire 🔥

The fire emoji, often referred to as a “Snapstreak,” appears when you and another user have been exchanging snaps consecutively for multiple days.

  • Hundred 💯

It appears when you and another user have maintained a streak for 100 consecutive days.

  • Baby 👶

The baby emoji is often used to represent a new friendship or a recently added contact on Snapchat. It appears when you and another user have just become friends or have recently added each other to your friend lists.

  • Birthday Cake 🎂

The birthday cake emoji is a delightful symbol that signifies someone’s birthday on Snapchat. It appears next to the username of a friend whose birthday is being celebrated.

  • Hourglass ⌛️

The hourglass emoji on Snapchat represents a sense of urgency or time running out. It often appears when you and another user are about to lose a Snapstreak, indicating that you need to send snaps to each other within the next few hours to keep the streak alive.



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