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GuidesWhat does Red Heart on Snapchat means

What does Red Heart on Snapchat means

Snapchat has long proven to be a great way to share snaps (short videos) with friends, colleagues, and family. It’s also just a good app for socializing, etc. And there is no more lively social networking without emoji. The emoji play almost the most important role when communicating with a person. If you use emoticons, it’s easier to open up to another person subconsciously, because thanks to these small icons you show your tone of communication, your mood, and in general you let the person know that you’re in the mood for a more informal form of communication.

However, there are so many emojis that most people may not understand some of their meanings. Or the context. The context in which the emoji is used can also be different and mean different things. If you have noticed that you often have a heart emoji, then it’s a good sign, because Snapchat uses these symbols as a sign that you have a good relationship with certain people. It isn’t always possible to interpret it that way, but still, more about that below.

Red Heart on Snapchat and what does it mean

So, if you have a red heart, it’s nothing to worry about, it’s just Snapchat showing you that you have very often sent snaps to your friend, and they’re responding to you. And all this for two weeks! Simply put, the red heart that appears next to a person’s name means that you have been interacting with them for two weeks and have received BFF status. Your friend has one too. There is nothing serious here, it’s just the way Snapchat makes your experience in the app more interesting.

How long does it take for the red heart to appear on Snapchat

It should be noted that such memes are like a kind of Achievement in Snapchat. That is, when you fulfill a condition (often interactive for two or more weeks), you get a heart. Also, you cannot get a red heart all at once, because this interaction has three stages. The first one is the yellow heart (it shows that you have just started to communicate and correspond with the person often), the second one is the red heart, and the third one is the two pink hearts (they show that you have been communicating very closely for more than two months).

In general, the red heart appears after two weeks of close communication.

What can you cause red heart change to yellow heart on Snapchat

It’s okay if your red heart meme suddenly changed to a yellow one. If you suddenly notice that you have a yellow heart, you haven’t been keeping up the #1 best friends streak lately. To get your red heart back, just interact more often and after two weeks you’ll have it back the way it was.

This is the kind of information that is now available to you, so you can try a new challenge for yourself and a friend that will dilute the days of the pandemic and will not leave you in a bad mood.



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