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AmazonNow you can buy Amazon Firestick with a huge discount

Now you can buy Amazon Firestick with a huge discount

It’s time for the most significant discounts of the year. Many stores are starting their discount seasons and offering various products at a substantial discount. For example, you can now buy Amazon Fire Stick at almost 80%.

The Woot service offers you the Amazon Firestick for only $8.99. Since Amazon owns the service, you don’t have to worry about this deal. It’s probably the best deal today for those who want to dive into the world of streaming devices.

The offer is profitable, although it has some disadvantages. I would say that among the drawbacks is that this is the lowest version of Firestick, and it only has HD quality; to get 4K, you will need to buy a more expensive version of the streaming device.

However, at $9, it is still the cheapest version of the streaming stick. It will allow you to turn any TV into a smart TV. You only need a power supply and an HDMI connector on your TV.

You can install different applications, such as streaming, other services, or even a browser on Firestick. In addition, you can stream to it from the screen of your smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether you have android or iOS.

Also, in the package, you get a remote control to control the head. In addition, it will have special buttons that allow quick access to the most popular streaming. If your TV is compatible, you can customize your Firestick remote to control all of your TV’s features so you can use only one remote.



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