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BrowsersMozilla VPN and Mozilla Relay will become cheaper

Mozilla VPN and Mozilla Relay will become cheaper

Not everyone knows this, but Mozilla doesn’t just produce its browser. They also have other products like the Mozilla VPN, which helps you hide your IP address, and Firefox Relay, which enables you to hide your email and phone number. Both of these services are subscription-based and paid for.

Now Mozilla has announced that they are going to change their subscription model. It gives you access to two privacy products at once. So if you pay for it every year, it will cost you $6.99 a month. If you use services like NordVPN, you will know that it is a little cheaper than Mozilla VWPN, NordVPN is only 4.5$/month if you pay once a year, and you will have three more months for free. However, the offer from Mozilla gives you access to two services instead of one, which makes the privacy package more complete.

Also, the Mozilla VPN can hide your IP address and take extra steps to prevent websites from accessing your location. Another feature is that the Mozilla VPN encrypts all your network activity.

And Firefox Relay helps you fight spam. This feature serves as a shield for your email and limits spammers from accessing your actual email address and phone number. This paid subscription will give you access to paid versions of both services. You can subscribe to these services today right here.



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