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AmazonHow to update your Firestick explained

How to update your Firestick explained

If you need to convert a traditional TV into a smart one, one of the best choices is the Amazon Firestick which basically is a smart TV stick that is connected by its HDMI ports to your TV. And since it will be connected, you will be able to enjoy all major streaming apps on any TV of your choice without facing any problems.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick (also known as the Firestick) lets users watch their favorite content on apps like Netflix and HBO Max, as well as shop on Amazon. But like any internet-connected device released nowadays, the Firestick should be updated from time to time if you want it to be run properly and unlock new features.

By default, your Firestick will be checked for updates automatically every day. It’s also possible to check for updates manually, in this case, you just need to open the Settings menu.

How to update your Amazon Fire Stick

Updates for your Amazon Firestick give you an opportunity to check out new features on your Amazon Firestick. Because of this, you would want to update your Firestick to the latest right away. You should do the following steps in order to update Firestick to the latest 2021 version:

  1. First, you should switch on your Firestick and get to the home screen, then select the Settings option — depending on your Firestick, it might just look like a gear icon.
  2. After that, scroll down and tap on the My Fire TV tab which you will find in Settings. On some Firesticks, you might see Device or System instead.
  3. Next, in the menu that opens, you’ll find About, click on it and then scroll down to Check for Updates. You’ll find there a note on the right side of the page which displays your version of the OS your Firestick is running, and the last time it checked for an update.
  4. Next, you should tap on Check for Updates to see if your device is up to date. If an Install Update option appears, you should update your device. If it just says Your Fire TV is up to date, you’re running the latest software.
  5. If the Install Update option appears, select it. Your Firestick should turn off, and then turn back on a few minutes later with the update installed.

How can you check the Current Version of your Amazon Firestick

When you have already read about the latest operating system version, you may want to check the current version of your device to make sure that it’s up to date. Fortunately, the Amazon Firestick provides their users with an opportunity to check the currently installed operating system from its settings in a few simple steps:

  1. First of all, you should go to the Home Screen on your Amazon Firestick.
  2. Then, head over to the Settings tab and find the My Fire TV menu.
  3. After that, to see the current software version and the Fire TV home version, you should open the About section and select Fire TV Stick.

When should you Update your Amazon Firestick

The information below will be helpful for people who want to know how often the Amazon Firestick should be updated. It’s considered to be good to update your Amazon Firestick every month. Even though the Amazon Firestick new updates are launched automatically, checking for updates once a month is still a good option in case the automated updates process fails.

Just like any other modern smart device, the Amazon Firestick also receives a lot of updates. Since these updates are great for getting newer features and bug fixes, updating your Amazon Firestick to the latest version is highly recommended. In case you’re not familiar with the same, then you can check the complete tutorial on how to update Firestick explained earlier in this guide.



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