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AndroidHow to uninstall wallpaper carousel on Xiaomi smartphones

How to uninstall wallpaper carousel on Xiaomi smartphones

Android has always attracted people who are interested in its variety and versatility. Xiaomi phones, which are based on the Android system, allow their owners to customize the visual part for themselves and diversify the experience of using the smartphone. However, some people don’t need extra features, which sometimes can even be annoying. One of them is Xiaomi’s Wallpaper Carousel feature that displays dynamic wallpapers on your Xiaomi device’s lock screen.

If you’re one of these people and you don’t care about additional features, then this article will help you get rid of Wallpaper Carousel on your Xiaomi smartphone.

How to remove Wallpaper Carousel feature from your Xiaomi phone

The Wallpaper Carousel may be worth a look, but the thing is that this feature can get annoying over time because it also serves ads.

So here you can read a guide on how to disable it:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Always-on display & Lock screen
  • Tap Wallpaper Carousel
  • On the next page, toggle off Turn on. This will disable the Wallpaper Carousel feature

However, even if you disable the feature, the icon may still remain on the lock screen, so follow the instructions to get rid of the annoying feature forever:

  • Open Settings > About phone
  • Select Storage and tap Apps and data
  • Look for Wallpaper Carousel on the app details page and select it
  • Tap Uninstall app at the bottom. Tap OK from the pop-up to confirm your choice. This will uninstall the app

Thus, you get rid of both the feature and the unnecessary icon on the lock screen. If you want to install it again, you can find the feature through the Mi Wallpaper Carousel app from the Google Play Store.

And don’t forget that if you can’t find a particular app in the store, but are sure it exists, just change the region, and then you will find what you’re looking for.

Since Android allows its users to customize all the necessary and unnecessary for their needs, it is very easy to get rid of lots of unwanted apps and features after buying a smartphone. It is also easy to install them back.

What are the apps that you don’t need on your Android smartphone

The very first applications to avoid are the so-called “cache clearing/performance booster apps“. The first applications you should avoid are the so-called “cache clearing/performance booster apps”, which do everything you can do manually in the same short time. The point is that they simply clear the cache data from your applications.

To do this manually, just go to Storage > click on Cached Data. After clicking on the Cached Data, you will get a prompt to clear Cached Data, tap OK to clear that data. The “cache clearing” applications themselves just consume your battery and space.

Another unnecessary application is “antiviruses“, which promise to protect against malware, etc. However, in fact, your Android device already has built-in antivirus, which does just the same job. Moreover, all applications that you download from the Play Store are already checked by Google for malware. Therefore, there is no point in installing applications such as Antivirus, etc.

Next, come apps that promise to save battery power. However, the thing is, they don’t really help in optimizing the battery power. Sometimes these apps end up backfiring as they keep shutting down background apps and do cause more pressure on the battery. As many of the power-consuming apps (that run in the background) have the tendency to re-open. All this shut and re-open causes more work for RAM, which in turn uses more battery power.

There are also different applications such as weather forecasting apps and photo editors, but the first ones do the same as the built-in Android weather apps, and the last ones are just filled with a bunch of malicious software and ads. So it is better to be careful with them.



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