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GuidesHow to turn off any Roku device

How to turn off any Roku device

Roku is a device that streams media (shows, movies, and even music) from the Internet to your TV. The devices require minimal setup and an Internet connection just like your computer. Roku streaming devices use an operating system that allows users to access and manage streams. 

This streaming service has quickly gained popularity with users in the streaming device markets. Its advantages are the simple and user-friendly interface and the quick response of the OS. 

Roku players don’t use much power. They can be plugged in all the time so that they can install various updates quickly and on time, and be ready to show you your favorite shows and movies right away.

But if you still prefer to turn your device off, then this article will tell you how to do it.

How to turn off a Roku OS TV

If you want to turn off a Roku OS TV, you can just use your remote or buttons on the TV body to do it. However, you can switch it off with the help of additional power-saving features. To do so:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Then select “System” and the “Power”;
  • After that, select “Auto power settings”.

This setting provides options such as:

  • “Reduce power after 15 minutes”;
  • “Turn off after 4 hours”;
  • “Standby LED”. It allows you to turn off the LED on the front of your TV when the TV is off;
  • “Fast TV start”. It keeps your TV in a standby mode so it starts faster and can be awoken with voice commands;
  • “System restart”.

How to turn off a Roku 4

If you have a Roku 4, you can use a brand new feature that allows you to completely shut down your device with just a few clicks. If you want to turn off your Roku 4, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the “Settings” and select “System”;
  • Click “Power”.

There will be a number of options:

  • “Auto power off” mode, which means that it will shut down after 30 minutes inactivity;
  • “System restart”. This option reboots the system.

How to turn off a Roku 3 and older

Unfortunately, if you own a Roku 3 or older device, they don’t have a power button or an easy way to turn the device off. However, they go into “Power Save” mode after 30 minutes of idle time.

There is only one way to turn your device off. You can unplug it or you can use an extension cord with a built-in switch. If you decide to use an extension cord, remember that you’ll still have to wait for the device to turn back on when you power it up again. If there are updates you can download, it may take a few minutes.

How to turn off a Roku USB Stick

If you are a Roku USB owner, you don’t have to worry about turning the device off separately, because it turns off along with the TV. It also consumes much less power. If you do want to turn it off, you can simply pull it out of the TV or set-top box.

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