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GuidesHow to set working hours in Google Calendar

How to set working hours in Google Calendar

Google Calendar is known for its wide range of tools to help people from all fields to manage their schedules, business matters, meetings, and to-do lists. In this article, you will learn about the Working Hours and some of the additional features Google Calendar offers.

What does Working Hours feature mean

Have you ever had a case where you didn’t want to be disturbed at work? Then the function in question is just what you need. It allows the rest of your colleagues to see you as out of reach at certain times. The specific time is up to you.

Instead of going in and manually blocking time, one setting can complete that process for you.

Who can use it

At the moment, Google Calendar only gives you the option to use the Working Hours feature if your account is linked to your work or a school organization. If you have one of these accounts and still don’t see the setting, you’ll need to contact your administrator for help.

How to Set Working Hours in Google Calendar

In general, this setting allows you to set a specific time when you want to take a break from work, meetings, etc. Below you can read a guide on how to set up and configure everything the way you want it:

  • Once you have your Google Calendar open, find and click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and then click on ‘Settings.’  Scroll down until you see the section for ‘Working Hours
  • Now that you have located the Working Hours section, make sure the check box next to ‘Show a warning…’ is also checked. If you check that box, you’re activating the feature that will send a warning to other co-workers attempting to schedule a meeting with you outside of your set working hours
  • After you have checked that box, you’ll be able to select the days of the week that you’re in the office and also set the hours that you’re available for others to make events/meetings with you. Don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page once you have changed your settings

Note: the person creating the event will have the option to either ‘Save event’ (send invite) or ‘Do not save’ the event (don’t send invite)

This feature is very helpful if you’re a busy person and need to have some ‘me’ time.  Now, This function is convenient because you can now dedicate time to yourself and let others know that at certain times you’re not available for calls and other things. This will greatly help you organize your work and your leisure time, as well as balance your day, which is also good for your health.

Is there other handy features in Google Calendar

Schedule Zoom Meetings Directly From Google Calendar. Did you know that there is a Zoom Scheduler browser extension, developed by Zoom itself and it lets you pre-schedule Zoom Meetings right from Google Calendar?

In case if you’re planning to set up a new event in Google Calendar, you have an option to set up a Zoom meeting in advance, the same as a Google Meet call. Zoom reads all the information from Google Calendar, synchronizes, and sends you alerts a few minutes before the call. This is very time-saving and convenient for business.

Use Find a Time Feature to Schedule Meetings. It often happens that you want to call several people, but don’t know their schedule, and this feature allows you to set a specific time to call so that all members of the meeting could join without disrupting their schedule. The fact is that it reads the schedule of each participant and as a result determines the time based on this information.

Make Calendar Events From Email. Received an email with the details of an event? Add it to Google Calendar directly by clicking on the three-dot icon above the email and save your time.

Use Toggl to Track Calendar Time. It’s very important to know how much time you spend on work, meetings, etc. A special app called Toggle allows you to have access to information about how much time you spend at Google Calendar Events.

Schedule Calendar Events From Chat. If you often use Google Chat and have to make appointments and calls, a new feature will allow you to do this without leaving the chat room. This is very convenient and saves a lot of time.



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