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GuidesHow to save an image on Mac

How to save an image on Mac

When you use the Internet, you probably often want to save a picture if you like it, or you see that you’re going to do a project and a few pictures or pictures can help you with that. Depending on the purpose for which you’re saving the picture, there will be different ways to do it. If you want to know how many different ways to save photos to your computer, this article will help you.

How to save an image on Mac

The most popular way to save a picture via the Internet is by right-clicking. You just need to use these instructions to get the picture or photo from your browser to your Mac:

  • Search for a picture you want to copy or save on the internet
  • Right-click (or Control-click) the picture to bring up a pop-up window with all of your available options
  • Create a new folder for the image using the Save Image As pull-down menu. This is a convenient feature
  • Then choose a folder in which you want to save the picture

The only thing is that you have to look at the format of the picture. In order to open the picture in different programs without any problems, it’s better to save pictures in JPG (JPG), PNG, PDF format. Some sites protect their content from such actions as saving a picture by right-clicking to avoid theft and so on. However, then you’ll learn what other ways to save your pictures.

How to save an image on Mac via the Copy-Paste method

If you need to cut, copy or paste a picture, it’s pretty easy to do on the Mac. The method is very similar to the one on Windows, only the keys are different. On the mac, you should pay attention to the Command button and the X, C, and V keys.

It isn’t possible to cut content from sites on the Internet, so when you save a photo in the browser, only the Command + C command will be available to you.

Below is the process of how to save pictures on a MacBook using copy-paste:

  • The first step you should do is to select the image, and press and hold down the Command key. If you want to cut the picture, press X. If you want to copy it instead of cutting, simply press C
  • Place your cursor where you’d like the image to be pasted and click. Press and hold down the Command key while pressing the V key to paste it

 How to take screenshots to save an image on Mac

Screenshots are a fairly common method of saving pictures. Usually, they’re used to save some parts of web pages, moments from videos, etc. It’s a very fast and versatile way to save a copy of a picture you cannot save manually. After all, as already mentioned, some sites block the ability to manually save content in order to prevent theft.

It’s also worth remembering that the screenshot although it’s a universal method, it still has its disadvantages – for example, a picture that you have saved will not be of perfect quality. It may fit well for any presentation or posting on the sites, but for printing, this format will be a bit of poor quality.

  • To make screenshot of an entire screen use the screenshot toolbar’s Capture Whole Screen button, hit Capture to make a snapshot of the entire screen. If you want, you may use the shortcut Shift+Command+3 to snap a screenshot
  • If you need to make a lot of screenshots, but you don’t want to sit and trim unnecessary parts of each piece, then use this guide to make partial screenshot:
    • Shift+Command+4 is the combination to use
    • There will be a crosshair displayed and you need to place a crosshair on the arean you want to snap
    • It’s possible to move the crosshair by dragging and holding down the space bar simultaneously
    • Take a screenshot by releasing the button on your mouse or trackpad
    • Press Esc to cancel the screenshot

Also, remember that Apple TV doesn’t allow to take screenshots because of possible copyright infringement.

If you need to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, it’s very convenient to use apps like Tenorshare iCareFone or iCareFone. This is when you need to transfer a huge gallery of files, then these third-party apps come in handy.

So now you can use these methods to enrich your collection of photos and pictures you like.



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