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GuidesHow to restart Sony Smart TV

How to restart Sony Smart TV

Sometimes smart TVs are lagging. That’s sad, but that’s true. And you need to fix your TV if it’s lagging. The truth is that the problem may be easier than you think and you can fix your Sony Smart TV simply by restarting it.

How to restart Sony Smart TV

Sometimes we need to restart a device for various reasons. Often it is due to a system failure or an error in an application. 

It only takes three steps to do this. They are all simple and straightforward. To restart Sony Smart TV you should do the following:

  • Hold down the power button for 5 seconds. Wait until your TV screen notifies you that the power is off. 
  • Your TV should restart automatically after this. 
  • The restart (reset) is over.

Congratulations! Your Sony Smart TV was restarted.

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