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GuidesHow to play MOV files on Windows 11

How to play MOV files on Windows 11

A MOV file is a media container containing one or more tracks, each of which stores a specific data type. In other words, it is a format that stores video, images, audio, and text used for subtitles.

MOV was developed by Apple. Because of this, it is often seen on iOS or macOS devices. Windows also supports it, but the built-in media player doesn’t play all format versions. To view later versions of MOV files, it is recommended to use specialized third-party programs.

So let’s take a closer look at the 5 third-party players for Windows that support MOV.

What are the 5 players to open a MOV file?

Many players allow you to play video in this format, but each has its pros and cons. Let’s look at five time-tested utilities and determine their advantages and disadvantages.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a famous player for video and audio files created and maintained by the non-profit VideoLAN project. The app enjoys a good reputation among users due to its open-source code, which means no embedded ads or malware. The program is available for free use on all mobile devices and computers.

This tool can play videos from your PC or a disc inserted into it and from various streaming platforms on the Internet. During playback, you can take screenshots, record the screen, and convert the file to the most convenient format. The app’s interface and design look rather old-fashioned since the last update was long ago.

​Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is another long-established open-source media player. It is well-compatible with all, even older, versions of operating systems. With it, you can easily watch videos with sound in all the most common formats, even on an older computer, and play and rewind Flash animations from a web browser on a tablet.

The program allows the user to set all the parameters for comfortable viewing video, such as automatic search and adding subtitles to the desired movie. You can also watch movies online via a link without first downloading them to your computer.


KMPlayer is an actively developed media player from South Korea for Windows and macOS operating systems. The program provides all the necessary functions, such as video playback, adding subtitles, and screen capturing.

There is also an option for automatic quality enhancement and sound equalizer; for weak computers, a nice bonus will be the ability to adjust the hardware acceleration. This makes it possible to play modern videos in 4K and low-quality videos in older formats equally well.

The player can play multistream videos, such as online broadcasts from YouTube. In addition, it is possible to download clips from the web for later viewing offline. The app interface has a modern look with a stylish, minimalist design. After a recent release, the app is now available on smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded on Android and iOS from Google Play or the App Store.


5KPlayer is a recently released media player with a streaming media server and an Internet video downloader. The player, by default, includes many built-in encoding and decoding libraries that help you play multimedia files of even rare formats.

The utility supports standard audio and video compression methods, such as those used in CDs and DVDs, and multistreaming data with up to 4K resolution. A nice bonus is listening to Internet radio, which comes in handy while waiting for a movie to be downloaded from the web.

The main feature is support for Apple’s AirPlay technology. This means you can display the screens of devices such as iPads or iPhones on your PCs or laptops. You can stream videos and music from your computer to your Apple TV.

DivX Player

DivX Player is a tool that has been available for Windows and macOS for quite some time, and it includes functions for playing and streaming clips in all modern formats. But to enjoy all the app features, you will have to pay. The free version is severely limited and provides functionality only for simple clip playback.

The total paid software package consists of the converter and media player for high-quality video playback. There is also the functionality of an internal streaming server, which allows you to easily display the image from your PC screen to the TV.

The paid version also has the advantage of online streaming clips from cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox without downloading them to your PC first.

Now you know what MOV files are and how to open such videos.



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