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How to mirror an Android phone to Fire Stick

Watching TV has become much easier and more convenient, especially with the advent of streaming services like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Cube. And with the mirror function, you can now also watch content from various devices or play games on a large screen, read books, or even make video calls.

However, all of this is only available from the devices that Amazon has released. Other devices such as iPhone or Android are unfortunately not available to mirror content on Fire TV Stick or Cube. However, if you’re here, that means there are options and alternatives. And then you will see a guide on how to mirror your device on Fire TV Stick.

How to mirror iPhones & Android phones or tablets to Fire TV Stick

The thing is that in order to mirror your content from Android or iOS, it takes a little bit of work, but with the next steps, if you stick to them, the result will not disappoint you.

Enabling Android mirroring on your Firestick via the AirScreen

In the settings themselves on Fire TV Stick, there is a function to enable device mirroring, but unfortunately, with devices on Android or iOS, it will be impossible to do so. This is due to the fact that Amazon doesn’t have any cooperation in this regard. Therefore, it’s possible to connect only Fire-type tablets or subscribe to Amazon Prime Video and mirror their exclusive products. However, to get around this limit, you can use another method.

And the name of this method is AirScreen. The app works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices. The app itself isn’t complicated and should not take much time to install. Although at first glance it may seem like a long process, it really won’t take you very long. Provided that you have a good Internet of course. Here’s how to install the AirScreen App and start watching content directly from your device on the TV:

  • On the Home screen, scroll down from the preview section at the top to the menu bar below it and select Find
  • Then choose Search
  • Type airscreen or a shorter variant into the search bar and choose AirScreen from the list. You no longer need the Easy Fire Tools app to install AirScreen — it’s available in the Amazon App Store
  • In the window that appears, choose the AirScreen app
  • In the Airscreen app window, select Get
  • Launch AirScreen and select Confirm
  • A new screen appears, displaying a QR code and a URL. You’ll use one of the two on your smartphone to link them together.
  • If the visual examples in the steps above don’t match your Firestick, it probably needs an update or is an older model. Go to Settings – My Fire TV – About and select Install System Update or Check for System Update
  • On your smartphone or tablet, scan the QR code that appears on your TV, or go directly to the speciifed URL
  • Choose from In App content or Entire screen

However, you should understand that since this isn’t an official Amazon app, there may be some bugs and errors. However, don’t worry, this can happen rarely. Otherwise, try the alternative method described below.

Another alternative method is to use Cast to TV app (only on Android):

  • Download and install the Cast to TV app on your device
  • Connect the phone and Fire TV to the same WiFi network
  • Finally, open the app and wait for it to automatically find your Fire TV device. Once detected, tap the device name to start screen mirroring

Generally speaking, the most universal way would be to use third-party apps, but the best so far is namely AirScreen, which is compatible with a variety of devices and works well. Unfortunately, for now, Fire OS isn’t compatible with Airplay, but you can use the mirroring function on non-Amazon devices like Chromecast with Google TV and Roku without any third-party programs.



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