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GuidesHow to get verified with OpenSea

How to get verified with OpenSea

When cryptocurrency and blockchain became popular methods, people were divided into two legacies, some are against this type of selling and sharing content, while others take the opportunity to build a business. Whatever your idea is, OpenSea is a huge platform for this kind of activity. However, before you can sell your stuff there, you have to be verified. More specifically, your account. The process isn’t really difficult, but the conditions that must be met – you have to wait a little while until the process of verification of the account is completed. Here you can find out what conditions must be met before you can apply and start your business on OpenSea.

What are the proper accounts

Since OpenSea is a blockchain exchange site and lots of people do business on it, the staff carefully checks every new account. The verification itself is done by people and they look at several things before they confirm an account. Here are a few conditions that must be met for the verification to proceed:

  • Overall activeness is required, so it’s recommended to bought or sold at least one NFT within the last three months
  • Profile picture says a lot. Don’t forget about your real email address, and a banner configured
  • You shouldn’t have any previous restrictions for infringing OpenSea’s terms of service

Well, in order to ensure that the process of reviewing your app for verification doesn’t take a month, your account must also be in one of these categories:

  • Accounts either created by or strictly involving people or businesses distinguished in: Entertainment, Art, Technology, Sports, Gaming, News, Politics, Activism, Music
  • Accounts that have unusually rare technical, artistic, or social inventions or value
  • Accounts that have a pressing and exceptionally high risk of being imitated for commercial gain
  • Accounts that are already verified through established social media platforms

Is there accounts that are unacceptable

The following types of accounts are those that will definitely not be vilified, because they may violate or have violated the rules of the site. Here are a few such options:

  • Accounts that participate in or show a willingness to engage in devious or dishonest buying, selling, bidding, buying, and offering
  • Accounts that produce collections that use trademarks or copyrighted material without a license
  • Accounts that use material that breaches protected rights of publicity
  • Accounts that are regularly controlled by a user under 18 years old

Sometimes there are cases where nothing has been violated from your account, especially if you have only recently started using the site. This happens. It is worth remembering that website’s policies can still change over time. Therefore, check the rules and conditions of verification from time to time.

How to sign in for OpenSea Verification

If you’re absolutely convinced that your account fits the conditions of the site, then you can safely send a request for verification of your account. After a few business days, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a blue checkmark – a sign that confirms that your account is verified and safe to interact with.

How to start a business on OpenSea

In order to start a business and sell things on OpenCea, you should first start a collection. Below you can read a guide on how to do so:

  • Navigate to and sign in to your account via opensea.io
  • Click on your profile icon, then in the upper right, Create
  • You can upload your NFT file and add a description on the creation page
  • Once you’ve completed the fields, you’ll have the option to customize your NFT further. For example, adding properties, stats, levels, and unlockable content. In addition, you can choose which blockchain to mint your NFT on
  • After personalizing your NFT, click Create to create your NFT

Is there any way how to sell NFTs

  • Go to opensea.io and sign in to your account
  • Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner, then Profile
  • By using your wallet, select the NFT you want to sell
  • Right at the top of your screen, click Sell to go to the listings. There you can select the kind of sale and price on the listing page. A Fixed Price sale means the charge is permanent
  • You can set a period for the trade. Select one of the default days or set a custom period via the calendar
  • There is also an option to preserve an item for a buyer by pasting their address in the text field beneath Reserve for a specific buyer
  • You’ll be asked to confirm the deal by signing a contract to complete your sale
  • When you first time selling on OpenSea, you must initialize your wallet first
  • If your item wasn’t minted on OpenSea but via a routine contract, there might be additional verification and a signature needed to let OpenSea exchange the item on your behalf

Now, that is pretty much all on how to get your account verified on OpenSea.



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