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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to get rid of the ghost images on your TV

Nowadays in the TV market, there is a huge variety of models of both regular TVs and Smart TV. All descriptions of TV models promise you an extremely high-quality picture, sound, a huge range of functions, etc.

And if you buy the product from a reliable source, you’re likely to get what the description says about the TV.

However, in spite of its initial characteristics, none of the TV sets is immune from breakage, and in the future, the image will be getting worse. Actually, it would be fine if only the colors would fade, but sometimes users are confronted with such a problem as a double image.

How ghost images appears

Burn-in, or ghost images, have been a major problem with TV since its introduction.

This problem has been around for decades, but while burn-in was a constant and unavoidable problem on older cathode ray tube CRTs, it can usually be corrected on most LCD monitors and HDTVs.

LCD burnout begins because when an image on the TV doesn’t change for a long period of time remains still, there are traces of electrical charge inside the screen.

These traces in most cases disappear on their own, but if this doesn’t happen you can remove them yourself. This can be done using the simple method below:

How to deal with ghost images or prevent them

As it was already said above for LCD and plasma screens there are tools to eliminate image burn-in.

The appropriateness and effectiveness of these burn-in remedies depend on the extent of damage to the screen. Depending on the duration and severity of the burn-in, some displays may be permanently damaged.

  1. Before proceeding to remedies for the problem, first pay attention to how to prevent such a problem. First, you should always try not to leave the screen on a still image for too long. If you want to go somewhere and put the video on pause, it would be better to switch off the TV at all for that time when you will be away. This way you can avoid unnecessary damage to your screen.
  2. In addition to not leaving the screen on pause for a long time, you can also avoid screen burn-in by reducing the contrast of the screen as much as possible. Unfortunately, most screens aren’t calibrated correctly and often the contrast and brightness settings are too high. By doing this, you’ll set the screen to be more evenly lit. This means less stress on certain areas of the screen, which helps protect the image from burn-in.
  3. The first method of repairing existing damage is to use a white static screen. If your plasma or LCD screen has imaged burn-in, turn on the white static for 12-24 hours. If just a static white screen doesn’t work, then constantly moving white and black randomly across the screen can help remove the ghostly image from the screen. Note that this method only works if the damage is minor. If the burn-in and double image is too severe, this method won’t work.
  4. To combat burn-in and double images, you can also use a feature of some screens called pixel shift or screen shift. Pixel shift permanently slightly corrects the image on the screen, which changes the use of pixels to combat image burn-in. To use this method, you’ll have to turn on the pixel-shift or screen-shift option in your screen settings. Pixel-shift is a handy feature for LED and OLED screens that can’t recover from image burn-in, and it should help with shadow control on an LCD.
  5. You can also fix burn-in problems with a special tool app. One of the most effective apps of this type is JScreenFix. The original program helps fix monitors with dead pixels, but the same company has released an “advanced” version of the tool known as JScreenFix Deluxe. The downside of this method is that the official website of this app is no longer working, and there is no way to download the full version officially. You can find a free version of the Deluxe app online, but it’s limited to 20 minutes of simultaneous use. Also note that downloading apps from third-party resources, you risk downloading a virus. Before you resort to this unreliable, but effective method, think twice about whether the result is worth the risk.
  6. The ScreenBurnFixer team offers several ways to fix screen burn-in on your TV or monitor. As with any screen burnout remedy, their chance of success depends on the extent of the problem. To use this method, go to the team’s page and watch their introductory video on exactly how to fix your issue.

If the methods above haven’t worked, it may be time to get your TV repaired. A professional will most likely help you or give you a final verdict that the damage is irreversible.



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