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GuidesHow to get Paramount Plus for free

How to get Paramount Plus for free

Paramount Plus is one of the most popular streaming in the world. This service has many fans. As just one subscription to this streaming service is enough for each member of the family to find something to watch. Also at the moment, the biggest advantage offered by the company is the budget subscription. Most likely this is due to the fact that the service is still fairly new.

Despite this, many people are looking for ways to make the subscription-free and ask questions about how to get Paramount Plus for free. On this topic, it’s necessary to understand in more detail, because there are some options, but they may not be suitable for everyone. So I recommend researching this issue and reading on.

Is Paramount Plus free and how to get it

Paramount Plus is a US over-the-top video-on-demand streaming service operated and owned by Paramount Streaming. Many of its users consider this service and Viacom CBS Inc to be brave for trying to create something very similar to already existing streaming services. In addition to that, the last to enter this market.

However, in spite of this, Paramount Plus deserves to be respected and appreciated by its users in a short period of time. As the brand evolves to stay relevant to its audience and takes steps to add new ones to its roster. Paramount Plus is peppered with more than 30,000 movies and TV series. The content includes more than 20 000 series already on CBS All Access.

30 000 Movies and TV Series will include more than 1 400 episodes of popular series from Paramount Network, MTV, Comedy Central, Channel 5 UK, and Nickelodeon, which are other ViacomCBS entertainment brands. These are the reasons many people want to use this really cool service. When people use it and realize they want to continue to stay on the service, they think about how to make Paramount Plus free.

Most often, when you buy a new smart TV or release a new service such as Paramount Plus, many don’t know how to configure it on a Smart TV. So if you own an LG Smart TV you may need to know how to watch Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV, I recommend taking a couple of minutes to this article to save yourself the trouble.

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What is Paramount Plus and is it possible not to pay for a subscription

Paramount Plus service, is a global streaming service with an extensive library of shows and movies, as well as a portfolio of several originals produced by its company. To increase the amount of streaming, ViacomCBS combines all of the channels on its roster into one streaming service, namely Paramount Plus.

A Paramount Plus subscription will give you access to all the shows that are and will be available on the entertainment brands Paramount Network, MTV, Comedy Central, Channel 5 UK, VH1, Nickelodeon, and NickJr. As you can see from all of the above, Paramount Plus is a really worthy product that has only recently been released.

Now if you bring up the topic of free subscriptions. In fact, it’s obvious that there are options to save that money. However, it will take some effort on your part. At the very least you can sign up for a free trial subscription, but again, that’s a way of not having free usage for a long time.

Using this subscription you will see if the service is right for you and if you will use it in the future. If you’re an active Amazon Prime user, it would also be useful and interesting to read whether Paramount Plus can be included in the Amazon Prime package.

How to sign up for a free trial of Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus offers its users to register for the service and sign up for a free trial subscription, which will last exactly one week. After that, your card will automatically be charged for using the service. One month of use costs $9.99/month and $99.99/year. All in all, this is a pretty budget-friendly price for the services Paramount Plus offers its users. If you would like to use our free 7 days of streaming service you need to follow these steps:

  • The first step to signing up for a free 7-day subscription is to open the Paramount Plus website in your browser.
  • Then click on the ‘Sign up for Paramount Plus’ button on the Paramount Plus home page.
  • After that, you will open a new window in which you need to click ‘Continue’.
  • Then enter all your information in a new window. Including your payment information.

Be prepared for the fact that before you activate the free seven-day subscription you need to specify your payment card data. This means that as soon as this time has passed, your card will automatically be charged the subscription free.

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How to get Paramount Plus for free

According to information that T-Mobile has presented to its customers, if you have purchased a T-Mobile subscription, you can activate a Paramount Plus subscription for one year free of charge. This offer is currently only available to users with postpaid wireless Internet plans. To activate your free Paramount Plus subscription on T-mobile, follow these steps:

  • The first step to do this is to go to the T-Mobile website.
  • Then on the home page, scroll down a bit and find the ‘Activate Paramount+ banner subscription’ button.
  • Now click ‘Start’ and log into your T-Mobile mobile account.

After these steps, you will be redirected to the Paramount Plus website for you to enter your contact information and confirm the action.

Considering the services Paramount Plus has to compete with on a daily basis, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, and Apple TV, Paramount Plus is on par with them. That’s why this service has so quickly gained the trust of its users.

So you can take advantage of the moment and try to get free access for a certain period to evaluate this service. If you want to start using Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime, please read the article on how to watch Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime and get answers to your questions.



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