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FixHow to fix 'This person is unavailable on Messenger', explained

How to fix ‘This person is unavailable on Messenger’, explained

Facebook has really become an integral part of almost everyone. But Facebook Messenger, which is tied to Facebook, has also managed to gain popularity. It’s probably one of the most convenient messengers because it’s quite fast, has a light interface, and you can talk via direct messages, share videos and images with friends, talk about a topic, record and send voice messages, and even make a video call.

However, there are times when you want to write to a friend but end up with the message “This person is unavailable on Messenger” even though you know for a fact that the person is registered on Facebook. This article will cover how to avoid this error and find your friend.

What stands behind the notification “This person is unavailable on Messenger”

If you do have a problem with this error, you will not be able to write a message to your friend. There are several reasons that can cause such an error and here are some of them:

  • The user has blocked you, or you blocked the user. It’s quite logical to assume that you have blocked (perhaps accidentally) a specific person, or that you yourself may have been blocked. In any case, it does not matter who blocked whom – it’s the result that matters, and this is what you face if you see this notification
  • ID pending deletion because the user kept their ID in the delete option. Maybe the reason is that the person you want to write or access the page has deleted their account, but they may be in the pending option just in case they decide to change their minds. So you will not be able to write or interact with this person in any way
  • Facebook has disabled or removed the person’s ID. Also, do not forget that Facebook can block specific accounts that have violated the rules, have been hacked or if there someone is impersonated – then Facebook can block the account
  • The user deactivated their account. The person you want to write to or access the page has probably deactivated his account. This does not mean that they have deleted their account, maybe they just want to take a break from social networking or there are other reasonsi. In any case, you will see their name in Messenger, but the account itself will be inactive and you will not be able to write messages either
  • Privacy Reasons. You will still be able to see the user’s profile, however you will mot be able to send messages to the user by Facebook. It may happen because the user sets their privacy to receive texts or calls. In fact, verified users normally get more features that provide extra privacy because of the volume of messages they receive
  • The user simply does not have the Messenger app on their phone

What can you do to contact the person

Here are some tips on how to find a person if you receive ‘This person is unavailable on Messenger’:

  • Check your Friend List. First you need to make sure that the person you want to write at all in your list of friends. Don’t rush, sometimes the person may have removed you from your friends by mistake, or something may have malfunctioned in Facebook. To check your friend list, launch Facebook on your device and then click on your profile picture at the top left-hand side of your screen. This will take you to your profile, and when on your profile, scroll down to find the button that says “Friends
  • Check your Facebook Memories. Try to find the person through Memories. There, if the person liked or commented, you’re able to visit their page. Their name should be in blue – that’s a good sign. If their name is black, you will not be able to go to their page and that means the person has blocked you
  • Check your Facebook Groups. If you have common groups, and especially if you’re the owner of a particular group, it will not be difficult to see the activity of a particular person in that place. Again, if the name is blue, just go to the page, but if it’s black, you’re on that person’s block list
  • Check your blocked people. Since this is one reason why this message could pop up, you can check out your list of blocked people. To see the list:
    • First, open Facebook and then go to “Settings
    • After that, select “Account Settings“, and then scroll down and click on “Blocking
    • Now you’re able to see the names of the users you have blocked, and if the person you’re trying to contact is listed as blocked, you can click on the unblock button, and then you would be able to message them
  •  Send a message request to the user
  •  Ask a common friend to check their account

And that is how you can find and message a certain person on Facebook.



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