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FixHow to fix Snapchat camera zoomed in a few simple steps

How to fix Snapchat camera zoomed in a few simple steps

What is Snapchat

Snapchat – one of the most popular messengers in social media apps, which gives users the ability to exchange with each other disappearing messages. Among teenagers, it is a trend to take selfies with different trends. Unfortunately, some users face some issues in the work of the camera, especially zooming is a problem.

How to fix this problem

As many people prefer using the Snapchat camera instead of the phone camera, so it causes many disappointments when something goes wrong. So, here are a few simple steps to fix this issue:

  • Install the latest security patch for the phone. Sometimes, phones face bags and glitches which may be fixed in the latest version. To update the phone you should: go to the “Settings”, find “Software update”, then click on the option “Check for updates or download updates”, then give a permission to update the phone.
  • Cleaning the Snapchat app lens Cache. To clean the cashe you should do the next steps: first, open the Snapchat app, then, find in the top left side the “Profile icon” and tap on it. After that, you’ll see in the top right corner the “Gear-shaped setting icon”. At last, find the “Clear lens data” option and click on it.

After doing those steps, you should also restart your device, as while restarting not only software is refreshed but also apps.

How to resize the snap

As Snapchat processes the snap to be as wide as the screen of the device and the video will have rounded corners, users may want to resize it. Below are a few simple pieces of advice on how to do that:

  • To move the video or to resize it you may use a two-finger pinch.
  • You may also resize the video before you snap. This works especially well for reposting videos from different services.

How to resize the video using an app

Below I’ll show you how to resize a video using www.kapwing.com:

  • Upload video. To upload video, first, go to https://www.kapwing.com/resize-video on your device web-browser. Upload there your video. After that, the main editing screen will appear. To preview your video, you should scroll down.
  • Cropping the video. In the main editing screen you’ll find the resize menu where you should select “Story (Snap/Insta)” or IGTV. The format should be 9:16. If you want to remove black fields from your video, you should tap on “Crop preset” or change the colour of the background to white. The preview will let the video fit the height of the phone.
  • Reposition the video. The sides of the video may be cropped out of the frame. You should use the Position to centre it as you want.
  • Trim the video. The limit of the SnapVideo is 10 seconds. If your video is longer, you should trim it. You should click on the “Trim Video” option. A new screen will appear where you can type in the time you’d like the video to start and end at.
  • Create the video. If you like the preview, tap on the red “Create Video” button at the bottom of the editing screen. After that, you may download your video to the camera roll.



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