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GuidesHow to find out what country the LG TV is made for

How to find out what country the LG TV is made for

It is quite easy to find out what country the LG TV is made for – this information can be found on the information label, namely in the SVC-code of the TV.

What is SVC code of LG TV?

The SVC is the service code of your TV. This code contains all the information about your TV. The model number of the TV, the issue number (model generation, indicated by the letters A, B and so on), the country for which the TV is made. This information can be useful to you as a consumer. Also encoded in this number is information about the components installed in the TV, screen and main board. This information is used by service representatives to repair your TV.

How to find the SVC code of your LG TV

The SVC code can be found on a sticker on the back of your TV. Depending on the region, the shape of the sticker may vary slightly. Look for the SVC code, it’s highlighted in the photo below.

How to find out which region your LG TV is made for

Look at the number, such as 43UM6910PUA.BUSGLJM. Before the dot is the model number of the TV. After the dot, you will see BUSGLJM.

  • The first character B (BUSGLJM) is the generation number of the TV, the letters of the alphabet are used, in this case it is the second modification of the TV model.
  • The second and third symbol is the country or region for which the BUSGLJM TV is made.
  • All of the following symbols, are coded information about the components of the television.

You should know that not all televisions are the same, they may differ in digital tuners, preset programs for a particular region. And, of course, the terms of the warranty. The presence of a country code allows LG to determine which region or country the TV is made for. Accordingly, the company will fulfill its warranty obligations in accordance with the rules adopted for a particular country.

Country codes in LG televisions SVC code

  • US – USA
  • CA – Canada
  • MX – Mexico
  • EU – European Union
  • PI – Italy
  • EK – UK
  • RU – Russia
  • AU – Australia



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