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AppleHow to duplicate a photo on iPhone

How to duplicate a photo on iPhone

The ability to take pictures is one of the most popular and useful features of modern smartphones. In particular on iPhones.

With each new model engineers are making more and more efforts to maximize the quality of pictures that you can take on your phone. Today’s phones allow you to take pictures and videos that will be virtually indistinguishable from expensive cameras and cameras.

Because of this, many users have accumulated a pretty decent library of photos on their phones.

Sometimes users are faced with the need to make a copy of a particular photo. For example, to edit it, but at the same time keep the original intact. The iOS has a pretty handy feature that allows you to do this.

How to duplicate a photo on your iPhone

If you’ve ever needed to duplicate an image in Apple’s Photos app, you can find out how to do it below. You may need such a copy before processing the picture or if you want to test a filter on it and are afraid to spoil the original. Duplicate photos in the Photos app on your iPhone is actually quite simple. To do this you need:

  • Open the Photos app on your device and find the image you want.
  • Once the picture is open you need to click on the Share button in the lower left corner.
  • In the Share menu that will open you will be able to find the Duplicate option, click on it.

This will create a 1:1 copy of your image, it will be right next to the original. The resolution will remain the same, just like the quality of the photo. Note that in this case, you will need exactly the same amount of memory to store the duplicated image.

View the duplicate by clicking on the arrow in the upper left corner to switch to the photo overview. Here you’ll see two absolutely identical photos. Now you can edit, crop, or otherwise process one of the two photos without altering the original.

How to copy a photo to your iPhone

In addition, you may want to copy a photo to the clipboard on your iPhone to paste it into another app later. For example, this way you can add photos to “Pages”, “Notes”, or even to a third-party email or chat client. To do this, you need:

  • Go to the corresponding photo in the Photos app.
  • Then click the share button. It’s in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • After that, select “Copy Photo” from the list.
  • This will put a full copy of the image on the Clipboard of your device.
  • Then you can go to the app you want and with a long tap on the screen, you can bring up the drop-down menu.
  • Just click on Paste and the picture should automatically be copied to the place you want.

The image will remain on the clipboard until you decide to cut or copy some other content, like text or another image.

How to remove duplicate photos from your iPhone

If you have accumulated in your gallery too many similar photos or you for various reasons quite often make duplicates of images then you may be wondering how you can quickly remove similar photos from your iPhone.

Of course, you can choose the most complicated way and select each photo one by one and then manually delete it. However, there are much faster methods to do it.

Unfortunately, there is no such function in the Photos app by default, but you can use a third-party app for this purpose. For example, Gemini PicturesC would be a good choice. It isn’t free but you will have a three-day trial period after which you will have to pay $4.99/month or $11.99/year. You can cancel at any time.

To get started you will need to give it access to your photos after you install it. Then simply select the “Related” section and you will see similar or duplicate photos sorted by “Date” or “Event”.

The best photo will be shown first and all unsuccessful copies will be shown if you swipe from right to left.

If you need to save certain photos, just uncheck them. If you no longer want certain photos to appear in this section, select “Save All”. The photos will be automatically added to your “Ignore List”.

Click “Move [X] to Trash” to delete similar images you don’t need.



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