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GuidesHow to clear your Continue Watching list on Netflix

How to clear your Continue Watching list on Netflix

When you watch a show on Netflix, there are often times when you get distracted or have to put off watching your favorite movie or show until later. Fortunately, Netflix offers its viewers the Continue Watching feature so you don’t have to look up where you left off and waste time rewinding videos. Thus, you save all your viewing progress and when it’s convenient, you just continue watching the movie from where you left off.

However, sometimes the list of these pending movies can pile up, and this can happen especially quickly if you have more than one Netflix account. However, it’s not that bad, and you can still clean up that list and make your Netflix experience more pleasing to the eye.

The good news is that you can edit your Continue Watching list from any device, be it an iPhone, smartphone, Android tablet, or PC itself. There used to be a function that allowed you to clear the names of the movies or shows you watched, but now you can clear the entire history and the Continue Watching list. Read on for more details on how to clear both of these lists.

How to clear the Continue Watching list vai a Desktop PC

Many people use a PC and you can use these instructions to quickly get rid of the Continue Watching List directly from your PC:

  • Go to Netflix using a browser you prefer. It can be Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. on your PC with any OS you have
  • Log into your account if necessary
  • Select your profile from the list
  • Click on your profile icon in the top-right section, then select “Account
  • In the “Profile and Parental Controls” section, click on the dropdown icon to the right of your profile
  • Find the “Viewing activity” section in the list of options and click on “View”
  • You will see the list of “Watching” items appears, however, it shows all watched items including finished ones. You aren’t able to delete items but you still can hide them. Simply, click on the “slashed-out circle” icon to the right of the listed item you want to hide
  • To remove all watched items, scroll to the bottom of the list and click on “Hide all”
  • When the pop-up window appears, confirm your choice by clicking on “Yes, hide all my viewing activity”

If you want to remove a particular item from the Continue Watching list, you will not be asked again if you really want to remove the titles from your Viewing Activity. This is a very nice feature that speeds up the time and isn’t annoying, but why does Netflix ask for confirmation when you delete many items from the list at once? This is because Netflix collects information on your browsing history in this way and offers you something new based on this list.

Once you remove all the titles from the list, your “Continue Watching” section is empty.

How to clear Continue Watching from an iPhone

Since you may not always have access to your PC or another device, you can safely clear the Continue Watching list from your iPhone. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Netflix app
  • Log into your account and choose the right profile
  • Go to the “Continue Watching” tab
  • Find the title that you want to remove
  • Tap on the three dots underneath the title
  • Choose “Remove From Row” on the pop-up menu
  • Select “Remove” to confirm that you want to remove the title from the “Continue Watching” row

Alternatively, you can remove titles from the Continue Watching list via your activity page. There is only one peculiarity that this method isn’t available through the Netflix app. However, you can easily do it through the browser on your device. On an iPhone or iPad, you can do it like this:

  • Launch a web browser on your iPhone or iPad. Visit the Netflix website
  • Log into your Netflix profile
  • Go to the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of the app
  • Go to “Account
  • Scroll down to the certain Netflix profile. Find “Viewing Activity” on the list of options. Tap on ‘View
  • Find the title that you want to hide
  • Tap on the “delete” icon (a circle with a slash inside it) on the right side of the title

Now you know how to hide and delete your Continue Watching list. However, remember that it may take some time for Netflix to do this procedure.



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