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AppleHow to check Wi-Fi signal strength on iPhone

How to check Wi-Fi signal strength on iPhone

Of course, one of the most important factors while using your smartphone is good WiFi. Surely, many users want to know how strong is their connection. The process doesn’t require as much effort as you might think.

How to check WiFi signal strength on iPhone

Sometimes, you may face an issue that your iPhone isn’t working fast enough or failing to connect online, in this case, you should check its WiFi signal strength. In addition to this, you can easily do some tricks to enhance the WiFi signal strength.

What factors can influence WiFi signal strength

If you want to have a good internet connection’s overall performance, you should make sure that your WiFi signal strength is in a good condition. More powerful and steady WiFi signals provide that your device gets a reliable connection.

It is important to remember that multiple factors influence the eventual quality of a router’s wifi signal. The list of factors would be displayed in the section below:

  • Distance between the connected devices and the router has a big impact on the strength of the WiFi signals. The closer a device stays to the WiFi router, the better the WiFi signal is.
  • WiFi signal strength can also be influenced by thick walls and surrounding electrical items. Thicker, solid walls block the signals and make it hard for them to reach devices.
  • WiFi signal can be also influenced by the router’s frequency channels. The 2.4Ghz channel reaches the device, which is located far from the router. However, the 2.4GHz channel develops interference issues. The 5 GHz channel is fast but isn’t ideal for devices placed at a distance from the router.

How to check WiFi signal

The most direct way to check WiFi signal strength is to look at the WiFi bars and see how many of them show up on your device. Usually, there are 4-5 WiFi bars that are displayed on each device. The more these bars are filled, the better it is for your phone’s WiFi connection.

What are WiFi signal checking apps

Apps, that would be mentioned in the section below, can help you to check your WiFi signal:

Airport Utility app

This app is compatible to use with an iOS system. This app gives you an opportunity to measure the wifi signal’s decibels relative to a milliwatt(dBm).

The result you will see in dBm will be represented in negative values. The dBm scale is from -30 to -90. If the app displays that your WiFi signal strength is -30dBm, you’re very close to the router and getting the highest bandwidth. In case the app shows the wifi signal to be -90dBm, it means the WiFi connection is weak.

The Airport Utility app is a great choice for iPhones and iPad.

If you want to check the WiFi signal strength, you should follow the steps which would be mentioned in the section below:

  • First of all, you should open iPhone’s main menu and head to the settings option.
  • After that, there will be a list displayed in the settings window, and you should click on Airport Utility App.
  • Then, you should swipe the slider for WiFi scanning in the app in order to switch on this option.
  • Next, you should open the Airport Utility app and start a scan.
  • The result will show the dBm value as RSSI.

Net Spot

The Net Spot is one more app that provides a precise analysis regarding the performance of your WiFi connection. This app is compatible with iPhones 11.0 or higher, iPad, and Mac books.

One of the most convenient features of this app is that it shows your WiFi signal’s strength and also compares it with the connections around you.

It fully supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and checks their performance as well.

This app also provides you with information about why your WiFi signal maybe not be strong enough. It also provides its users with some solutions to improve network coverage, capacity, performance, signal level, etc.

If you want to check the WiFi signal strength via NetSpot, you should follow the steps which would be mentioned in the section below:

  • First of all, you should install the NetSpot app from the Apple app store.
  • After the app has been downloaded, you should open it on your iPhone and wait for a while to collect relevant data.
  • After that, you would be able to find the information about the surrounding WiFi in the network tab. It will present data like frequency band, signal strength, security protocols, etc.

Surely, it is perfect that iPhone users may check their WiFi signal strength by several methods.



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