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ConferencingHow to add a poll bot in Discord explained

How to add a poll bot in Discord explained

To create a Discord survey, users have several options. Each of them has features and a sequence of actions.

Why Discord polls are important and are they efficient

Our society is built on a fundamental rule: everyone should have the right to vote, regardless of status. Since the Internet is the same as a society but in a different place, the rules work the same way. Participants can vote for a new design, a type of released content, or even the next game. For example, in Discord, voting is needed quite often, because it is a good way to interact with the audience.

In fact, in the developers’ idea, there was no place for regular voting. At least with the built-in voting functionality, you can’t use that view, like Telegram or Google Forms, for example. Would we really have to read each user’s opinion in a separate message? Fortunately, creative users have found some solutions.

Polls may help you to find out more about people’s opinions, attitudes, and preferences. There are polls, for, example, anonymous ones, which may help you to receive honest feedback about a particular subject. If you’re a member of the Discord community and want to hear more about other members’ attitudes, you may also create a poll in Discord. The information below will give you some guides on how to create a poll in Discord on any platforms

How to create a poll in Discord on an iPhone

Actually, it may seem a bit complicated to create a poll on your phone, due to the smaller screen, but everything is much easier than you have ever thought.

How to create a poll without any additional tools

Reactions can be used to create a poll in the simplest way.

To create a reaction poll in a new channel you should follow some simple steps below:

  • First, you should open Discord.
  • Then, select a server.
  • After that, click on the pointed-down arrow next to the server’s name.
  • Click on “Create Channel“.
  • Next, you should name the channel/poll. Use a name that will be related to the poll’s topic.
  • Then, click on “Create“.
  • You should customize the channel’s permissions. Don’t forget to allow everyone to read messages and history and add reactions.
  • After that, you should return to the channel and enter the poll’s text along with instructions for voting.
  • In the end, inform people about the poll and ask them to vote.

How to create a poll using the Poll-Maker

You can access Poll-Maker on your iPhone.

The instructions below may help you to create a poll in Poll-Maker:

  • First, you should open Safari and go to the Poll-Maker website.
  • Then, you should type the poll question and enter the possible answers.
  • Click on “Create Poll”.
  • After that, copy the poll’s link.
  • Open the Discord app and paste the link into a channel or a message. Don’t forget to provide information that is connected to the poll.

If you want to view the results, you must have an account with Poll-Maker.

How to create a poll using EasyPoll

The final method is using Discord’s EasyPoll, a free tool for creating reaction and straw polls.

You should do the next steps to create polls with EasyPoll:

  • First, you should open your browser and go to the EasyPoll website.
  • Select “Invite“.
  • If prompted, sign in to your account and, then, select a server.
  • Click on “Continue“, then “Authorize” and complete the verification process.
  • Then, open the Discord app.
  • After that, you should access the server to which you added EasyPoll.
  • Next, open a channel for the poll.
  • Open the channel’s settings and tap “Permissions“.
  • Select “Add member” and click on “EasyPoll“. Enable it to read and send messages.

Now, you can choose whether you want to create a straw, reaction, or yes/no poll.

How to create a regular poll using an EasyPoll

Creating a simple poll is the best idea for people who would like to supply multiple choices.

The steps below will help you to create a regular poll, just follow them:

You may also create a multiple reaction poll where participants are required to press an emoji to let the answer be provided.

If you want to create a poll like this, you should do the steps which are said below:

At first, you should type “+poll {question} [answer 1] [answer 2] [answer 3]” in the text box.

  • In this way, a message containing your question and the emojis for each answer will be created by EasyPoll automatically.

It should be concluded that it is not a problem to create voting in Discord. It is much easier to add a bot to the server than to ask everyone’s opinion separately because the results of responses are displayed by the bot automatically and in real-time. A plus is also that the bot is not installed on the computer itself, therefore, you can not worry about the penetration of malicious viruses on the PC.

Everyone on the server, including the creator of the vote, can vote. Those who have been using discord for a long time know that you can rate your own and other people’s posts by clicking on the smiley icon below them. The bot will paste certain images to your message or vote. If there are several answer choices, you can see symbols with letters of the English alphabet – answer choices. If there are only two answers, you can see a thumbs up and thumbs down below the text.



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