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Social MediaHow much is a Swan gift worth on TikTok?

How much is a Swan gift worth on TikTok?

One way to please your favorite blogger is to give a gift during a live broadcast on TikTok. However, it’s not all that easy with gifts. For example, many users can’t figure out how much they cost, mainly how much a Swan gift costs.

The difficulty arises because you can’t pay directly for your desired gift. It would help if you bought TikTok coins first, and only then can you buy the gift itself for them. Although Swan is an inexpensive gift, you won’t get around to purchasing just one pack if you don’t want to overpay. Let me tell you more about how it works.

How much actual money cost a Swan gift on TikTok?

As I described above, you can’t buy a Swan gift for real money. To buy a Swan, you will need to spend 699 TikTok coins. You can buy them in the TikTok app in packs of several tens or hundreds.

One coin is worth approximately $0.01. In this case, the Swan will cost you around $6.99. However, it would help if you understood that regional prices vary from region to region. The Swan might be a little more expensive or a little less expensive, depending on where you live and what region of the App Store you use.

However, it would help if you understood that TikTok would take a large commission on your gift, and not all that money will reach the video’s author. Also, any gift purchase is accompanied by a funny animation, which will help the author diversify the stream, and the author is sure to notice your gift.

How many coin packs do you need to buy a Swan gift on TikTok?

As I described above, you must purchase coins to buy a Swan. However, you cannot purchase precisely 699 TikTok coins. They are only sold in predetermined packs. So you will need to buy several packs.

The fastest way is to buy a 1,321 coin pack for $23.99. That way, you have almost as many coins for other gifts. You can also spend them to promote your account. Remember that you can’t withdraw coins from TikTok after you’ve purchased them.

If you don’t want to overpay, you need to buy at least two packs of coins. You will need a 660-coin pack and another 65 coins. You will pay $11.99 plus $1.99 for these. So you will get 725 coins for $13.98. Of course, you’ll still have 26 more coins to spend on gifts like Roses in TikTok.

How to buy coins on TikTok

If you’ve decided you’re ready to make your first gift, it’s time to buy some coins. You can do this from your TikTok account page. Only users over the age of 18 can buy coins. To do this, you need to:

  • Go to your TikTok account page.
  • Click on the Three Lines at the top right of the screen.
  • Select Balance.
  • Here, click Recharge.
  • Then select the pack you want and pay for it.

Remember that you will not be able to cancel your purchase, just like converting coins into real money. This can only be done by the people you send a gift to. Spend the coins you can for gifts or promotion of your account at the moment. Other options are not available.

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How much money does the content creator receive from Swan gift worth on TikTok?

TikTok has come up with a rather complicated system of “donates” the point is that the author can not cash your gift at its total value. To begin with, the gift must be converted into diamonds. The value of the gift in diamonds is half its value in coins. That is, the Swan in diamonds is worth about 350 diamonds.

Diamonds can be converted into real money or left in your account. The number of diamonds shows the popularity of your account and moves it up in the rankings. That is, cashing out diamonds is not always profitable.

In addition, the cost of diamonds is relatively low. This is because TikTok takes 50% of its value as a commission. It turns out that one diamond is worth only $0.005. For example, if you donated $100 worth of gifts to a blogger, the blogger will only be able to get $25.



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