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GuidesHow much is a Planet Gift worth on TikTok?

How much is a Planet Gift worth on TikTok?

A gift on social media is a token of appreciation, interest, or congratulations. Gifts in TikTok are given for the same purpose, but they’re also a way for the recipient to earn real money in TikTok. This article discusses how much each type of gift costs individually and how to use them.

What is a Gift on TikTok

A Gift is a common way to show admiration for a blogger, but it is given in live Tik Tok broadcasts. In other cases, it’s not possible to give a Gift because it’s not provided by TikTok’s functionality.

Subscribers often use Gift to financially help the blogger if it seems right and appropriate. In return, popular tiktokers thank and may subscribe to the person.

The developers of the app for users have opened eight options for gifts. The cost varies from 5 to 5000 Coins. This is the platform’s internal currency. 100 Coins are equal to 0.99 cents.

What kind of Gifts there are

Panda with glasses is an inexpensive gift. Its price is 5 Coins.

Italian hand with the Leaning Tower of Pisa is the same price.

Love bang is 25 Coins.

Sun cream – 50 Coins.

Rainbow Puke – 100 Coins.

Concert – 500 Coins

I’m very rich” – 1000 Coins.

Drama Queen – 5000 Coins.

All TikTok gifts let the blogger know that their audience is interested in the content and likes it. Some subscribers buy a Panda or a Hand because of its price, while others prefer to give those gifts that they associate with the recipient.

After receiving the gift, the creator is able to convert their Gifts to Diamonds and then into actual money. Although TikTok hasn’t released a simple way to explain how much each gift is worth, it breaks down like this:

  • Diamonds are worth 50% of the coins’ value
  • TikTok takes a commission of 50%

What is the TikTok Live Studio and how much costs Planet Gift

TikTok has recently been testing a streaming software called TikTok Live Studio. It allows you to log in with your TikTok account and stream live.

You can chat with other users from your computer and stream content to your phone or game console. Now bloggers don’t have to send their viewers to Twitch or Youtube Gaming.

So far the software is only available in test mode and only on PC. However, many streamers and creators already actively use the platform, and that’s where the platform includes a huge variety of virtual items (including Planet Gift which costs 15000 Coins), emojis, and messages of support.

They can range from as little as one Coin for a single rose, to 35,000 Coins for a “TikTok Universe” icon. The amount of gifts a user earns during a stream determines the number of Diamonds they acquire; a virtual credit that can be withdrawn for monetary compensation.

How to send someone Gifts

To make a gift for a TikTok creator, you need to buy it first. For doing so, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the app and log in to your account.
  • Go to your profile settings and open the Balance section to view your account status.
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  • If you don’t have enough Coins, refill your balance on the same menu.

Then you have to wait for the blogger to start their broadcast or join a live TikTok broadcast. If you’re subscribed to them, the notification will come as soon as they start streaming.

After the start of the broadcast follow this instruction:

  • In the open air, there is a box at the bottom where you can write a comment. Next to it is a red box. Click on it, and a list of gifts that are available to users will open.
  • Choose the one you want and send it to the blogger.
  • The gift is sent to the TikTok immediately, but it isn’t seen by the other audience on the air. The information is only open to you and the recipient.

How to check your TikTok Gifts

When you receive a gift, it is automatically converted into diamonds. These gifts can eventually be converted into real money.

1 dollar is equal to 200 diamonds, so you will have to be patient before withdrawing money. TikTok allows a minimum transfer of $100. When you have accumulated this amount, apply.

Are there any subtleties of withdrawing money from gifts in TikTok

Owners of a PayPal account are lucky because transactions on the site with money are made only through this system. If you do not have it, go through the registration, but be careful with the data, so as not to make a mistake in the entry.

After successful registration, you need to copy the data to your TikTok account settings. To do this, go to “Balance” and find the item “Add PayPal“. Enter all the necessary information and save it.

When you need to withdraw money, go to the wallet in the app and select “My Rewards“, then tap on the red button. The app for withdrawal will be sent instantly, but it can take more than 15 days to process, so be patient.

Also, crediting the blogger’s account is not the only way to show gratitude. Users often use their imagination and skills to make a tiktoker feel good. In such cases, real gifts are given. It can be a craft, a drawing, or a set of goodies related to the tiktoker’s activities.



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