As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Does it worth buying the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra stands at the pinnacle of Samsung’s smartphone lineup and is among the priciest Android devices on the market. It’s a powerhouse, boasting an exceptional display, top-tier camera capabilities, and the most potent processor available. At first glance, it appears to be the ultimate smartphone choice. But is it truly the best option?

Deciding whether the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the right buy isn’t black and white. While its impressive features are undeniable, the device isn’t without its shortcomings. These are primarily related to its steep price tag and the marginal amount of new features it introduces. Let’s dive deeper into why you might consider the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or think twice about investing in such a high-end phone.

Important things about Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

  • It has the most powerful mobile chip among Android phones – Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy.
  • The screen size is 6.8 inches with 3120 x 1440 QHD+ resolution.
  • It has a Titanium Frame just like the iPhone 15 Pro.
  • The camera has a 5X optical zoom.
  • The first smartphone with Galaxy AI features.
  • Battery 5000 mAh lasts up to 30 hours of video playback or up to 95 hours of audio playback.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Advantages

Kicking off with the perks of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, there’s plenty to get excited about, starting with its standout AI capabilities, the crown jewels of the S24 series. These features include options like real-time call translation, an interactive text chatbot, and advanced photo editing tools, all courtesy of Google’s Gemini AI.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the most formidable Android device, powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy. Samsung’s bold seven-year support promise reflects their confidence in its enduring performance, suggesting it’ll stay update-friendly for years. The battery life is another high point, with the 5000 mAh battery delivering an impressive 15-16 hours of use on a full charge. The long-term battery efficacy remains a topic of debate, though Samsung’s track record for easy battery replacements offers some reassurance.

The camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra takes a page from the iPhone’s playbook, with Samsung making a notable shift from a 10x optical zoom to a 5x optical zoom, supplemented by a 10x digital zoom. This camera ranks among the elite, toe-to-toe with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it’s not always the iPhone coming out on top. For photography aficionados, the Galaxy S24 Ultra won’t disappoint.

Turning our attention to the display, it’s a feast for the eyes. Boasting a peak brightness of 2600 nits, it outshines the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 2000 nits, positioning Samsung as a frontrunner. The screen’s resilience is assured by Gorilla Victus glass, claimed to be the most robust smartphone glass available, while the titanium body offers a blend of lightness and strength, enhancing the phone’s overall durability.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Disadvantages

On the flip side, there are a few aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that I’m not thrilled about. For starters, the S Pen feels like an unnecessary addition at this point, and the OneUI interface feels dated. It’s high time Samsung either gave these elements a significant overhaul or phased them out entirely. Moreover, the device has been critiqued for its lack of fresh innovations.

When you stack it up against its predecessor, the changes are minimal. The display remains largely the same, albeit with a boost in brightness on the S24, and the camera setup has seen only minor tweaks—most notably, the switch from a 10x to a 5x optical zoom. The design and overall functionality haven’t seen major updates either. The standout features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra are essentially its new processor and AI capabilities.

But here’s an interesting twist: Samsung has confirmed that the S23 Ultra will get an update to incorporate most of the S24’s AI features later in the year, at no extra cost. And yet, the S24 Ultra debuted with a starting price of $1299, which is $100 more than the S23 Ultra’s launch price. The reasoning behind this price hike, especially considering the similarities between the two models, is somewhat puzzling.

When sizing up the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra against its rivals, you’ve got heavy hitters like the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which matches it in quality but comes in at a slightly lower price point of $1199. For those who prefer Android, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is another formidable contender, offering a high-caliber smartphone experience for just $999. This puts the spotlight on the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s main sore spot: its steep price. While it had the potential to be the ultimate smartphone choice, the availability of similar, more affordable options makes it a tougher sell.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra worth buying?

Is it worth it to go for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? I’d lean towards a ‘yes’, albeit with some caveats. For those wielding a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra or even the S22 Ultra, rushing to upgrade might not be the most prudent move. Holding off for a year or two could be more beneficial, allowing time for Samsung to weave in more groundbreaking features into their future models.

On the flip side, if you’re coming from an older, less capable device, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, despite its hefty price tag, stands as a no-compromise powerhouse. Its main drawback is essentially its cost. Aside from that, it’s at the pinnacle of what Android smartphones have to offer today, with top-of-the-line hardware, unparalleled camera quality, innovative AI features, and, notably, extended support promises. While the notion of it staying up-to-date for 7 years might be a stretch, it’s reasonable to expect it won’t feel outdated for the next 4-5 years.

Given these points, and despite the minimal upgrades and the high cost, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is worth considering. Even when pitted against the seemingly more cost-effective S23, the S24 is poised to offer superior long-term performance. It’s a robust choice in the smartphone arena, and from personal experience, it’s a decision you’re unlikely to regret.



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