As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Does it worth buying Samsung Galaxy S24?

Recently, Samsung unveiled its latest additions to the S24 series, and the update has been somewhat peculiar. The modifications were minimal, with just a few AI enhancements introduced to the lineup, including the standard S24, the S24 Plus, and the S24 Ultra. Despite these modest changes, the new models were launched as the next big thing in the smartphone world.

As with previous iterations, the Galaxy S24 and S24+ are positioned as flagship devices, representing some of the most advanced smartphones available. But does this mean it’s time to part with your current device and upgrade to the latest model? To help you navigate this decision, we’ll dive into the features and improvements offered by the S24 lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Tech specs

To understand the evolution within Samsung’s Galaxy flagship series, let’s begin by examining the technical specifications of the latest models, comparing them directly with the previous year’s S23 and S23+. This is the best way to illustrate how slowly the Samsung Galaxy flagship line is evolving. After that, we’ll discuss the successful features of the S24 and not-so-great features.

SpecsSamsung Galaxy S24/S24+Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+
Screen sizeS24: 6.2 inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X
S24+: 6.7 inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X
S23: 6.1 inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X
S23+: 6.6 inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X
Screen ResolutionS24: 2340 x 1080
S24+: 3120 x 1440
2340 x 1080
Screen Brightness2600 nit 1750 nit
Screen Refresh rate1~120Hz 48~120Hz
BatteryS24: 4000mAh
S24+: 4900mAh
S23: 3900mAh
S23+: 4700mAh
DimensionsS24: 147.0 mm x 70.6 mm x 7.6 mm
S24+: 158.5 mm x 75.9 mm x 7.6 mm
S23: 146.3 mm x 70.9 mm x 7.6 mm
S23+: 157.8 mm x 76.2 mm x 7.6 mm
WeightS24: 167g
S24+: 196g
S23: 168g
S23+: 195g
RAMS24: 8 GB
S24+: 12 GB
8 GB
StorageS24: 128GB or 256GB
S24+: 256GB or 512GB
S23: 128GB or 256GB or 512GB
S23+: 256GB or 512GB
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for GalaxySnapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy
CameraRare: 50.0MP + 10.0MP 3x Optical Zoom, 30x Space Zoom + 12MP Ultra Wide
Front: 12MP Wide
Rare: 50.0MP + 10.0MP 3x Optical Zoom, 30x Space Zoom + 12MP Ultra Wide
Front: 12MP Wide
Galaxy AIYesNo
Body materialArmor Aluminum with IP68 protectionArmor Aluminum with IP68 protection
Screen protectionCorning Gorilla Glass Victus 2Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2
Color optionsGrey, Black, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Green, OrangeLavender, Black, Green, Cream, Grey, Light Green

Cool things about Samsung Galaxy S24

It’s important to note that the concerns I’ve mentioned apply to both the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24+. Essentially, these two models are nearly identical, sharing the same strengths and weaknesses. While there are differences between the two, which are outlined in a separate section below, the focus here will not be on those distinctions.

One of the standout features of the Galaxy S24 series is its AI capabilities, which could potentially be its most innovative aspect. Although the real-world utility of these features is yet to be fully determined, my experience with them during testing was notably impressive. The real-time call translation feature, in particular, stood out. In my tests, translating from Spanish to English, the feature performed exceptionally well, although results might vary with other languages.

The AI-driven photo editing functionality also showed promise. While there’s certainly room for further enhancement, the current implementation is quite promising. Including an AI tool designed to rephrase messages and alter their tone might not seem essential to everyone, but it could benefit some users.

The Galaxy S24 series showcases an exceptional display, featuring a peak brightness of up to 2600 nits and a dynamic refresh rate ranging from 1 to 120Hz. This adaptability not only ensures seamless performance but also aids in extending battery life. Notably, the S24+ model boasts a higher screen resolution of 3120 x 1440, compared to the standard S24’s resolution of 2340 x 1080.

Regarding photography, the S24’s camera competes at the top of the market, often surpassing the iPhone 15 in various aspects. One of its standout features is the 3x optical zoom, supplemented by an innovative digital 2x zoom technology that rivals the quality of optical zoom. Samsung’s prowess in camera technology is well-established, and the S24 series continues this tradition.

Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, the device is equipped with one of the most potent processors in today’s Android smartphones. Yet, the performance leap from its predecessors or other current flagship models is not markedly noticeable. This is largely because modern smartphones have reached a level of performance that suffices for virtually any task—making further enhancements more about statistical bragging rights than tangible user experience improvements.

I want to note that in Europe, the Samsung Galaxy S24 comes with Exynos processors. Samsung claims they are just as powerful, but in real life, Exynos-based smartphones usually perform noticeably worse than Snapdragon.

Concluding this overview, Samsung’s commitment to providing 7 years of update support for the S24 series. This is commendable and somewhat unprecedented in the smartphone industry. This longevity means that opting for a Galaxy S24 could potentially eliminate the need for frequent upgrades. Assuming the device’s battery longevity aligns with Samsung’s update support promise—a notable consideration given the brand’s history with battery durability.

Samsung Galaxy S24 weaknesses

The primary concern with the Samsung Galaxy S24 lies in its apparent lack of innovation. The device closely resembles its predecessor, with only marginal enhancements such as a marginally improved display, a slightly larger battery, and some additional AI functionalities. Despite these updates, the overall design remains unchanged, performance levels are similar to the previous model, and there are no significant upgrades to the camera system. It’s worth noting that Samsung has also decided to extend some of the new AI features to the S23 model.

When placed side by side with its competitors, the Galaxy S24 often seems less appealing. For example, Google has recently launched its latest smartphones, incorporating similar AI capabilities but also introducing a refreshed design and a more responsive Android interface. Moreover, many of these competing devices come at a lower price point. The Galaxy S24 is priced at $859, while the larger S24+ is set at $999, in contrast to Google’s flagship Pixel 8 Pro, which is priced at $800.

Additionally, Samsung’s One UI interface has been a point of contention for some, including myself. The interface sometimes exhibits awkward and inconsistent animations, contributing to a user experience that feels dated and unchanged over the past few years. In comparison, the stock Android experience offered by Google’s Pixel series feels more modern and “fresh.”

In summary, my critique of the Galaxy S24 series centers around its lack of significant advancement over previous models. Despite being more expensive than many of its rivals, the S24 and S24+ fail to introduce new design elements or compelling features that set them apart, resulting in a product that feels overly familiar and somewhat stagnant in a rapidly evolving market.

Samsung Galaxy S24 or Samsung Galaxy S24+?

Understanding the distinctions between the Galaxy S24 and the S24+ is crucial when considering your options. The primary variance lies in their size, with the S24+ being the larger counterpart. Despite their size difference, both models boast identical cameras, functionalities, and nearly the same internal components.

The S24+ features a larger display, offering a resolution of 3120 x 1440, surpassing the S24’s resolution of 2340 x 1080. However, due to the proportional screen sizes, this difference in resolution might not be readily apparent in everyday use. Accommodating the higher resolution, the S24+ is equipped with 12GB of RAM, compared to the 8GB found in the standard S24. Additionally, the S24+ has a more substantial battery capacity at 4900mAh, providing a slight edge in battery life over the S24’s 4000mAh.

Storage options also differ between the two, with the S24+ available in 256GB and 512GB variants, whereas the S24 is offered in 128GB and 256GB models. Apart from these differences, the devices are virtually identical, sharing the same design aesthetic, camera setup, and feature set. Their performance metrics are comparable as well. With a price gap of about $150, the choice between the two models essentially boils down to personal preference for a larger or smaller device.

Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy S24?

Considering the Samsung Galaxy S24? It’s a solid choice for Samsung enthusiasts who haven’t updated their device since the Galaxy S21 or S22. The S24 offers a blend of the familiar Samsung experience with enhanced features and better performance. Its long-term support ensures you won’t need another upgrade for quite some time, making it an appealing option for loyal Samsung users.

On the flip side, if you’re contemplating a switch from another Android brand or iPhone, the S24 might not be the ideal pick. It tends toward a more “conservative” design without many groundbreaking features, sticking to the tried-and-tested formula. Additionally, its price tag is notably higher compared to similar models from other brands. With a budget of $850-1000, exploring alternatives or opting for the previous S23 model at a reduced price could offer better value for your investment.



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