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GuidesIs there an ESPN+ app on LG Smart TV

Is there an ESPN+ app on LG Smart TV

In today’s world, there are many apps for watching movies, TV shows, and live broadcasts. However, only very few apps provide the ability to watch sports. ESPN is one of them. Many fans around the world appreciate the ESPN+ service because it keeps them informed about sports events. However, quite often new smart TV users wonder if there’s an ESPN+ app on LG Smart TV.

Does LG Smart TV have the ESPN+ app and what are ESPN and ESPN+

ESPN is an American cable sports channel that provides people with sports anytime, anywhere. ESPN is developed by Walt Disney and Hearst Communications. ESPN+ is a great platform for sports fans as you’ll find live streaming, in-depth analysis, studio shows and more, from NBA, MLS, international soccer and more.

ESPN+ is a premium streaming service pre-loaded with the Disney Plus package. ESPN+ is a subscription-based streaming video service that allows users to watch sports programming. You can also subscribe to it individually. However with the ability to subscribe and use it on LG Smart TV, that still needs to be dealt with in more detail.

If more detail is given about the ability to watch ESPN+ on LG Smart TV, unfortunately, users will be left unsatisfied. As ESPN+ is currently not available for LG Smart TV. ESPN+ hasn’t yet launched its own app for LG Smart TV. This means that you won’t find ESPN+ if you recently purchased an LG Smart TV. Regardless, there are ways to use your LG Smart TV to watch ESPN+ anyway.

What are some ways to use the ESPN+ app on your LG Smart TV

Actually, not having the app on your LG Smart TV doesn’t mean you can’t use ESPN+ on your smart TV. You will be able to enjoy watching sports matches on your smart TV. Luckily there’s more than one way, there are even a few. Before you can use any of the following options, you’ll first need to subscribe and pay for a subscription on ESPN+. To do this, you will need to:

  • The first step you will need to use the ESPN+ website.
  • Once you’re on ESPN+ in your browser, select to subscribe to the Disney+ Bundle or Subscribe to ESPN+ Only.
  • Then log in or create a new account.
  • You’ll have your payment details and you can continue.
  • Select Get ESPN+ and then make payment for your monthly or annual subscription.

After paying, you will have a subscription to ESPN+, now you need to set up access and start using your subscription on your LG Smart TV. So to activate ESPN+ on your LG Smart TV, just take the following advice:

  • Using the browser to watch games on ESPN+ using LG Smart TV.

This is actually the easiest and fastest way to have access to the matches on the service you bought a subscription for. All you need to do is use your remote control to log into your ESPN+ account in your browser.

  • Using a streaming device.

To make it more convenient for you to use the ESPN+ service, you can use any additional streaming device, such as a Roku or Amazon FireStick TV, that ESPN+ offers. If you have such a device at home, it will be much easier for you to connect. Since it’s not really convenient to set up ESPN+ in your browser every time.

In order to connect the streaming device, you need to go to ‘Settings’. Then go to and activate Live TV. Also confirm your login on the ESPN+ website. Also click ‘Continue’. Similarly, don’t forget to confirm your entry on Roku. Use your ESPN+ account to log in and use ESPN+ on Roku on LG Smart TV.

You can also read more about how to install ESPN app on your LG Smart TV to be able to use your smart TV to its full potential. Also how exactly to watch ESPN+ broadcasts and bypass its absence on LG Smart TV. Since ESPN+ hasn’t launched its own LG Smart TV app yet, fans of the service have to find other viewing options. For now, all ESPN+ fans should expect and hope that ESPN+ may release its own app for LG Smart TV in the near future.



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