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AppleHow to turn off 'Now Playing' on Apple Watch

How to turn off ‘Now Playing’ on Apple Watch

Smart devices are becoming more and more common in today’s world. Many people use devices like wireless headphones, fitness trackers, or smartwatches every day.

All of these devices help make life a little easier for the user and offer a variety of functions. And if in the case of wireless headphones their use is limited to listening to music and talking on the phone, the scope of the apps of smartwatches is much larger.

With them, you can write and send messages, control your smartphone, turn on music, take photos on your smartphone remotely, monitor your health and much more.

Right now, one of the most popular and widespread brands of death watches around the world is AppleWatch from Apple.

It’s a very stylish and functional device. However, even with this device, users sometimes encounter various problems. For example, many have noted that they’re annoyed by the screen that automatically opens Now Playing when you turn on music or video.

What is the Now Playing screen

This screen appears on your watch when you start another video or music track on your iPhone. This screen displays information about the playback file. It will also display the title of the video or track.

There will also be special buttons on this screen for stopping the track, skipping to the previous or next track, and changing the volume.

In most cases, this screen is quite useful, but there are cases when users react negatively to its automatic appearance and say that it’s crushing and inconvenient. In this case, you may be wondering how to automatically disable the Now Playing screen.

How to turn off the Now Playing screen

If you’re tired of the automatic Now Playing screen on your Apple Watch, you can disable this feature. This is actually quite easy to do. And it can be done both with your iPhone and directly on your Apple Watch.

To disable the Now Playing feature on your Apple Watch you need:

Using your Apple Watch.

  • You just need to click on the Digital Crown and view the installed apps.
  • In the list, find the Settings app.
  • You need to scroll down and select Display and Brightness. Select it.
  • In this section, scroll to the very bottom and disable Auto-Launch Audio Apps.

Done this way you will disable the appearance of the distracting screen Now playing on your Apple Watch using them. However, you can also do this from your iPhone.

Using your iPhone

To do this, you need the Watch app on your iPhone. Once you have made sure that it’s installed and configured you need:

  • Open the Watch app.
  • Then go to the My Watch tab.
  • Then you need to scroll down and tap on Display and Brightness.
  • Finally, just disable the Auto-launch Audio Apps option.

Done, you’ve unlocked the Now Playing screen using your iPhone. As you can see, it’s pretty easy to do.

Now the next time you play a video on your iPhone, the Now Playing screen will not immediately appear on your Apple Watch.

To activate the Now Playing screen automatically again, you just need to repeat all the steps above and turn this option on. This is also quite simple and will take you literally a few minutes.

How to manually access the Now Playing feature

If the Now Playing screen doesn’t appear automatically, but you suddenly need it when playing music or videos you can access it manually. It’s pretty easy to do and it will help you fully control playback with your Apple Watch. It’s incredibly convenient. In order to do this you need to:

  • Turn on video or music playback on your iPhone, make sure it’s playing and not paused. It can be a YouTube video, a Twitch stream, or even a Netflix movie, or any music streaming service.
  • After that, go to Apple Watch. When you’re on the watch face you need to click on the little white button at the top of the screen.
  • This will open the Now Playing screen in front of you from which you can control your playback.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to do. It takes you just a few seconds to manually open the screen and if you turn off the automatic playback it can be a very useful option.



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