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GuidesHow to screen record on iPhone with audio

How to screen record on iPhone with audio

iPhone screen recording is most relevant for bloggers, people who want to visually demonstrate how to set up a smartphone, screen errors, share videos of games, work with programs, and more. In any case, many of you may need to record a video screenshot of the iPhone display at least once, so let’s figure out how to do it.

If you wonder whether it’s straightforward to screen record with sound on an iPhone or iPad, or not, keep on reading. Yes, it’s easy to screen record with audio on an iPhone or iPad. Screen recording is often called screen capture. It’s a feature that gives you an opportunity to record video and audio playing on your device or externally. You also don’t need any special screen recorder apps or audio recording software to record your screen. Apple provides its users with a free tool for iOS and iPadOS, so you can add to your iPad or iPhone’s Control Center to screen record with sound. Below you’ll find answers to your questions about screen recordings. An iPhone screen recording will record internal audio by default if your iPhone’s ringer is switched on. It is also possible to record your voice during the screen recording.

What is a screen recording feature on iPhone

Recording a screen with sound on your iPhone is easy. Screen recording allows you to record video and audio played back on your device or from outside.

As it was mentioned above, if you want to record your screen, you won’t need a special screen recording app or audio recording program in most cases. Apple offers a free iOS tool that you can add to the iPhone Control Center to record your screen with sound.

By default, iPhone screen recording records the internal sound (if the iPhone call is enabled). You can also record your own voice while recording the screen.

You can use the screen recording feature on any iPhone running iOS 11 or later.

How to record video from iPhone screen with built-in tools

In fact, it’s easy to record screen video with sound on the iPhone, but this feature isn’t obviously implemented, so it requires instructions.

To my mind, this method is the easiest one, as you don’t need to download something else, as everything that you need, Apple has already provided on your device.

Before you can start using the screen recording tool, you must add a button for this feature to the Control Center. To do this, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, you should open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Then, you should navigate to the “Control Center” and tap on the “Customize Controls” option.
  • After that, you should tap on the green “+” button next to the “Screen Recording” option.

Now you can start to record your iPhone’s screen. To do that, you should follow the instructions which would be mentioned in the section below:

  • First of all, you should open the “Control Center”. To do that, you should swipe up from the bottom on the older iPhones or swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen on the newer iPhones.
  • After that, you should tap on the “Screen Recording” button, which will cause the button inside to count down and then turn red, signifying the start of recording everything on the screen.

You will be aware when your screen is recording because a red bar will appear at the top of the screen (on older iPhones) or the time will be highlighted in red (on newer iPhones). You can tap on the red button or the bar to stop recording.

How to record the external voice while screen recording on iPhone

If you want to record your voice while screen recording on your iPhone, you have to follow these steps:

At first, you should turn on the voice recorder on your iPhone.

  • After that, you should start the screen recording feature as mentioned above.
  • However, you have to be aware that this will also record not only your voice but in-app sounds.

How to record iPhone screen video using third-party apps

You have to be aware that you can also use third-party apps to record your iPhone’s screen. However, why are you supposed to do that when there is a built-in function?

The point is that special software allows you to perform post-processing of the material, such as adding your own soundtrack, importing content from a library, recording your own comments from the microphone, and trimming and editing soundtracks.

For example, you can try to use Mobizen Screen Recorder.

Its simple interface makes it easy to use for screen recording as well as for capturing snapshots. Your reactions can be recorded by turning on the front camera while recording the game screen and voice.

You can add your favorite BGM, Intro (opening video), or Outro (closing video) to make your video creative and stunning. Watermarks can be removed with optional in-app purchases.

How to screen record on iPhone with sound from Apple Music

You cannot use the screen recording feature with this service. When you start screen recording, if Apple Music is playing, the sound will stop until you cancel the recording.

There used to be a workaround for this, but Apple has since fixed this bug. Basically, to keep the song forever, you’ll have to pay licensing fees and buy it.



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