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GuidesHow to hide likes on Facebook

How to hide likes on Facebook

Facebook is a social network that invites its users to share their photos, posts, and your life in general with everyone. But everyone needs privacy at some point. When you like something, Facebook gives your friends and acquaintances information about what attracted your attention. And that’s a little sad because some people want to keep things to themselves and not share them with anyone else.

In general, Facebook doesn’t let you completely turn on or set up the visibility of likes. But there are options for how to do this in another way. And this article will help you keep a bit of privacy on Facebook for yourself.

Is Facebook likes differ from one another

First, before dealing with the problem, you need to understand that there are several types of likes that can be found on Facebook. On Facebook, you can find different categories, such as Movies, Television, Music, Books, Sports Teams, Athletes, Inspirational People, Restaurants, Games, Activities, Interests, Sports, Food, Clothing, Websites, etc. Sure, there are a lot of places alike can show up. Therefore, you have the ability to control the categories and who can see your “likes”. Therefore, you need to hide all or show all likes in a certain category.

Unfortunately, Facebook won’t allow you to hide the likes or activities you’ve done on a particular page. So to put it simply, if you like a page for tennis, it will show that you liked a page for sports, however, you can have it so that the individual player liked doesn’t show up.

It is also worth noting that, you are able to hide likes that pop up on your timeline from friends or strangers as well, however, similar to the categories, you’ll need to perform a method of all-or-nothing to a certain group of people. This means you’ll need to adjust who can see what on your timeline as opposed to the likes directly.

How to hide likes on Facebook

Try to follow these steps to keep a bit of privacy of your personal likes on Facebook:

  • First, launch Facebook and log in
  • After that, click on your profile’s avatar/image that you will see in the bar toward the top of the page
  • Once you are on your profile page, find the More drop-down menu on the bar just below your cover photo
  • Click the More drop-down and from the menu click on Likes
  • Scroll down to your “Likes” area and inside the banner that is to the far right, locate the Manage button (three dots)
  • Click the Manage button and from the menu select Edit the Privacy of Your Likes
  • You will face a bunch of categories that will pop-up. To the right of each category is a globe with a drop-down arrow. Every category, you prefer to make private, select the corresponding drop-down and select Only me
  • Once you have decided which category you want to keep your privacy with, each one should now have the appropriate icon
  • After you’ve finished editing who can and cannot see your likes, click the Close button

How to hide likes on Facebook from certain groups

An alternative way to hide your likes from the public is to forbid whole groups of people from seeing what’s on your Facebook timeline:

  • Launch Facebook and log in, click the drop-down arrow at the top-right corner of the page
  • Choose Settings & Privacy, then click on Settings
  • On the menu that is to the left, select Profile and Tagging
  • From this page, you will see three different options that shows who can see your timeline, who can tag you, and if you would like to review those posts before they are made public
  • In case you return and select Privacy from the left-side menu, you can customize “Your Activity”. This way, all past and future posts will be invisible to the world, all friends or specified ones, or everyone except you

And that is how you manage your liking activity.



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