As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Dyson vacuum serial number decode

The serial number is a unique identifier assigned to each individual Dyson vacuum cleaner and any Dyson product. The structure of Dyson serial numbers is consistent across all countries and products; there are 13 characters.

The first three characters indicate the vacuum model. These details include the vacuum model’s name, model number, and release year. This information can be super handy for identifying the model or finding the right parts. The sales region and a random unique number for each vacuum follow.

What did Dyson serial number mean?

Any Dyson product serial number looks like this: XXX-XX-XXXXXXXX

For example: V2P-US-1293992A

V2P – is the part that means the model of the vacuum cleaner.
US – this part means the region where the vacuum cleaner is made.
1293992 is a random set of characters which is not repeated. It’s unique to each machine.
A – means a brand-new machine, not a refurbished one.

Now, let’s dive deeper into “V2P” (the first three characters of the serial number). These are the keys we’ll use to decode the serial number. You’ll be able to find yours in the table and thus learn the model name, model number, and year of manufacture.

About “1293992” is the seven-digit number following the region code. Dyson reps claim it’s random and serves their internal product tracking needs. So, they stress that it doesn’t mean anything to us.

Therefore, I’ll create tables where you can find your vacuum cleaner’s name, model number, and release date. Just use the search function and enter the first three characters of the serial number.

Dyson Stick vacuum serial numbers

The serial number of your Dyson Stick vacuum is hidden behind the dust container or at the bottom of the battery pack.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners Model Number Release dateSerial Number
Dyson DC35DC35 2009HH3-EU, CD7-EU, HH4-FR, HH3-FR
Dyson DC44 DC442012DX5
Dyson DC45 DC45 2012 MC9, AG4, DW4, GD7, MD1, DW5
Dyson V6 SV09, SV05, SV04, SV03, HH08, DC72, DC74, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC622015RD8, MW2, JV3, JZ1, JY7, VG5, VG6, JZ2, PJ5, JY9, RE4, RE3, WT5, WS7, WS8, WS9, JY8
Dyson V7 SV11, SV07, SV06, HH11 2017G1W, UF2, ZR7, TN2, B4M, TN4, TM9, TM7, TM8, TN1, TN5, TN3, N7E, RE2, JM6, JM7, WE3
Dyson V8SV102016YH5, RA8, RA9, VE8, ZH2, ZH1, C3G, C3U, A8D, WZ8, RB7, RB9, RC2, PM9, YA5, U8G, H5C, H5B, PM8, RC8, A1Y, A1Z, H5E, C1P, TT9, N5E, N6P, H3M, U8B, U1C, U7X, U8V, U9M, U9J, U8C, U9K, U1A, U7C, U7D, Z3T, H5F, H5P, G5W, N6T, E5A, YA4, B9F, B2R, ZH2, C3F, G1K, B6V, RA9, VE7, VE6
Dyson V8 AbsoluteSV252016U18
Dyson Outsize SV1620201AJ
Dyson Outsize PlusSV292020T8Y
Dyson V10 SV12, SV12GB 20185C, YJ5, YJ6, ZE8, YG2, ZE7, ZE6, ZS5, ZS4, C3M, B6W, E6N
Dyson V11 SV152019H4S
Dyson V12 SV26, SV20 2020 S3E, 8EJ,
Dyson V12 Detect SlimSV30, SV462022T8J, T8G, 5BW, U9P
Dyson V15 Detect SV302021RJ3, U38, V2G
Dyson V15 Detect AbsoluteSV222021V2R, Z5W, U8M, V2R, U3G
Dyson V15s Detect SubmarineSV4720232DX, 2BX
Dyson Gen5outsizeSV2420231AK
Dyson G5 Fluffy SV192023Z2W, N8Z
Dyson Gen5detect AbsoluteSV232023Z8C,V2R

Dyson Upright vacuum serial numbers

The serial number of the Dyson Upright vacuum is tucked away behind the dust bin, on the underside of the machine, or behind the handle.

Upright vacuum cleaner Model Number Release DateSerial Number
Dyson DC01 DC01 1993 317
Dyson DC03 DC031997034,210
Dyson DC04 DC04 1998063
Dyson DC07 DC07 2001116, 139, 110, 111,
Dyson DC14 DC14 2004247, 175, 440, 570, 174, 173, 226
Dyson DC15 DC15 2005203,206
Dyson DC17DC 172006260, 261, 267, 270, 272
Dyson DC18 DC18 2006327
Dyson DC18 DC192006402
Dyson DC24 DC242008 532
Dyson DC25 DC252008 485
Dyson DC28DC282010HP3
Dyson DC29DC292010729
Dyson DC33DC332011HM5, HR1
Dyson DC34DC342009CG4
Dyson DC40 DC402012FD1
Dyson DC41 DC412013HR3
Dyson DC50 DC50 2012AS9
Dyson DC51 DC512012HS1
Dyson Ball DC 652015GJ7
Dyson Light BallUP152018VF9, PB7
Dyson Ball Anima 3UP302022V2P

Dyson Robot vacuum serial number

The Dyson Robot vacuum’s serial number is behind the dust collection container. The serial number is behind the vacuum cleaner stand cover in the new Dyson 360 vis nav.

Dyson robot vacuum Model Number Release Date Serial Number
Dyson 360 Eye RB012014JJ5
Dyson 360 HeuristRB022018ZX7
Dyson 360 vis navRB032023H8U

Dyson Canister vacuum serial numbers

Check the Dyson Canister vacuum sticker behind the dust container or at the vacuum’s base to find the serial number.

Dyson canister vacuumModel Number Release Date Serial Number
Dyson BallUP132005TK3, MG9, D9S, WR6
Dyson Ball CY27 2014VZ9, WA1, UZ3, WA2, WA5, WA4, WA3
Dyson Cinetic BallUP142015JD3, MB9, JD1
Dyson Big Ball CY23, CY28 2015PY2, PJ2, PX9, PV4, PN2, RD9, PZ8, VK6, VZ1, UZ4, VK7, VK9, VK8
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball CY22, CY26 2015PZ4, PV3, PH8, PR5, WP4, VH1, VZ2, VZ3
Dyson Multi floorUP192019TJ4
Dyson AnimalUP202020TJ7
Dyson Ball AnimalUP302021U1J



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