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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to charge Apple Pencil 2 without an iPad

Given that the Apple Pencil is designed to work primarily with the iPad, the process of charging the device is also directly related to the iPad.

If you don’t have your iPad handy, there is no way you can charge the second-generation Apple Pencil. Moreover, this device isn’t compatible with all models of the iPad, so before you get an Apple Pencil, check whether your iPad is on the list of apple pencil-compatible devices.

At the moment, there’re no alternate charging methods for the Apple Pencil. Read on to learn how to recharge, how to check the charge level and the reasons why your Apple Pencil may not charge.

How different are charging methods for first and second generations of Apple Pencil

Before you start charging, it’s helpful to know what the differences are in the charging processes for the first and second-generation apple pencils. The process is completely different for each model.

The fact is that since the second-generation Apple Pencil supports wireless charging, while the first-generation model doesn’t, you have to charge them differently because of that.

How to charge Apple Pencil 2 with iPad

In order to charge the second-generation Apple Pencil, you need:

  1. First, make sure that you had paired Apple Pencil and iPad. If not, do so before you start charging. You can find out how to do this in the paragraphs below.
  2. After you’re sure that you had paired your devices, place the flat side of the pencil on the right side of the iPad. You can attach second generation Apple Pencil to the right side of the iPad with magnets both in iPad and Apple Pencil, so you should have no problem doing this.
  3. Charging should start automatically after this. If charging doesn’t begin, make sure that you turned on Bluetooth by pulling down the Control Center on the iPad and making sure that the Bluetooth button is blue. You can also enable Bluetooth in the iPad settings.

As you have already realized, the process is extremely simple. If you turned on Bluetooth and paired your devices properly, you can hardly find anything easier to charge than the Apple Pencil.

In case you don’t know how to set up the connection or which devices are suitable for use with the Apple Pencil, read the paragraphs below.

How to pair Apple Pencil 2 with iPad

As mentioned above, before you can charge and generally use the Apple Pencil, it must first be paired with an iPad or iPad Pro.

Because of model differences, the first, and second-generation iPad Pro is paired differently. With this in mind, make sure you know which generation your iPad belongs to before you start.

How to pair the second-generation Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro

  1. Turn on the iPad you want to use and open home screen. Make sure you won’t let it block itself during the process.
  2. Next, place the Apple Pencil on the wide side of the iPad Pro with the magnetic strip.
  3. After that, a window should appear on the screen. Press Pair when prompted to pair with Bluetooth.

How many models of iPad there are that are compatible with Apple Pencil 2

The main reason your second-generation Apple Pencil doesn’t charge is probably that you’re using the wrong iPad with it.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, only a limited number of iPads work with the second-generation Apple Pencil.

This is also due to the fact that not all devices in this line support wireless charging and the second-generation Apple Pencil charges wirelessly.

Only the following iPad models support wireless charging:

  • The 4th generation iPad Air.
  • The 3rd generation iPad Pro, 12.9-inch.
  • The 4th generation iPad Pro, 12.9-inch.
  • The 1st generation iPad Pro 11.
  • The 2nd generation iPad Pro 11.

If you put the 2nd generation Apple Pencil on an iPad not included in the above list, the charging process won’t begin.

If you’re still having trouble charging your second-generation Apple Pencil, make sure you put it on the top of your iPad, next to the power and volume buttons, and turn on Bluetooth.

Make sure your iPad is turned on and charged. It’s best if it’s plugged into a power source. The Apple Pencil won’t charge if the iPad has no power.

How much time it takes to charge Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil can take about 30 minutes to charge, although you don’t have to wait until it’s 100 percent charged before you can use it. Just 15 seconds of charging will give you about 30 minutes of use. You can stop the charging process at any time.


  1. Will it charge on a wireless charger?? Cuz I keep having to remove the case to my iPad just to charge the pencil. Lmk, anybody thanks

  2. Actually, if your Apple pencil needs to be charged and your iPad is not at 100%, even if the iPad is connected to a power source, the pencil will not charge.

    Solution: Apple Pencil 2 will charge on a MagSafe phone charger. 🙂


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