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What is Hulu cost and how to choose the best plan for you

Modern streaming services work like a paid subscription. This means that you pay for a certain period of time during which you have unlimited access to the content that is included in the terms of your subscription plan.

Hulu is no exception. It’s also distributed like a paid subscription in the United States. The service has several different plans that can suit most users.

It’s also possible to buy different bundles, which will include access to other streaming services, or add to your subscription another one to the streaming partners of Hulu.

This article will help you understand the difference between the terms of different plans and their costs.

Below you can see an infographic with all the prices and names of the different Add-ons. To see more precise information, simply hover over the plan and Add-on you’re looking for.

What are Hulu basic plans

There are a total of 3 Basic Plans in the Hulu service:

  • Hulu
  • Hulu (No Ads)
  • Hulu + Live TV

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Standard Hulu plan

The most basic Hulu plan will cost you $6.99/month. It includes watching exclusive shows from Hulu, hit movies, Originals, kids shows, and tons more. This plan also includes ads.

You get the first month for free as a trial and then you’ll be charged monthly for the service.

You also get a special offer for students. You will need to provide Hulu a proof that you are a student, and you can get the standard Hulu plan for only $1.99/month.

Hulu plan without ads

Hulu also has an ad-free plan. You get access to all of the content that comes with the standard plan, but you don’t have to view ads. This offer will cost you $12.99/month.

Same as with the standard plan, you get a one-month free trial.

Hulu + Live TV Plan

This plan includes all of the content from the standard Hulu plan. In addition, you get access to 75+ channels with Live TV, endless, ad-free entertainment with Disney+, live sports with ESPN+, and award-winning Hulu originals with Hulu. This plan is available in two options :

  • Hulu + Live TV with ads will cost you $69.99/month
  • Hulu + Live TV without ads will cost you $75.99/month

What are Hulu bundles

You also have the option to purchase bundles. These are standard plans with additional options in the form of included subscriptions to other different services.

You can buy these bundles:

  • Hulu (with ads) + Disney+ + ESPN+ for $13.99
  • Hulu (no ads) + Disney+ + ESPN+ for $19.99
  • Hulu (no ads) and Live TV + Disney+ + ESPN+ for $75.99

As you can see, this will be a much better value than buying subscriptions to these services separately.

What are Add-ons

Hulu also allows you to modify your subscription yourself. There is an Add-on system for this. In fact, this is a third-party service that you can connect to your subscription to Hulu for an additional fee.

Please note that some services can only be connected to a Hulu plan with Live TV. Information about the available services and their prices can be found in the infographic below.



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