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HousekeepingWelcome to the new Tab-tv

Welcome to the new Tab-tv

I’m glad you’re reading this. In fact, this article is much more personal to me than anything I’ve written before.

I created a Tab-tv back in 2013, when I knew absolutely nothing about the internet, how things work here, and how to properly develop my blog. Sure, I made a lot of mistakes and wrong moves, however, I’m sure my approach to content writing has paid off and I’ve managed to have some success (modest by the standards of the Web, but still). At least Tab-tv isn’t like other blogs, as I will always be straightforward when writing articles and explain everything in the easiest way.

I’ve been thinking for a long time about moving from a more amateurish approach to a more serious one in order to achieve better results. And we’re taking active steps in that direction right now:

  • We’ve hired a few writers and thoroughly vetted them to make sure they’re writing content as high-quality and in-depth as what you’ve read on Tab-tv before.
  • We’ve done a redesign to make content browsing more enjoyable for the average reader.
  • We’re updating all of the content that has been published on Tab-tv to make it better and more up-to-date.
  • We have created new categorie that you can see at the header menu. Content will now be divided into News, Guides, Reviews, Fix, How-to’s and Compare. The content will also be divided up by the sections that the things we write about are related to.

Also, we will try to spend more time on content and respond more actively to comments with questions.

However, many things won’t change – we’ll still try to give accurate answers to questions that interest you, without water and verbiage. We’ll also remain honest – if technology is a marketing trick, we’ll always say so.

I’m not very good at this kind of article, so I think that’s enough. Thanks for continuing to read Tab-tv.

How to contact us?

In case you want to reach our team you can send an email to welcome@tab-tv.com.

Another option is to contact me or Vladislav at asheridan@splaitor.com or vsheridan@splaitor.com.

In case you have any legal inquiries – you can reach our legal team at legal@splaitor.com

In case you want to advertise with us – you can reach us at business@splaitor.com


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