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How to find someone in Discord

Finding another user in discord is not difficult if you know their user tag. However, not everyone knows that there are several ways to find users without using the tag.

How to use Microsoft Teams without an account

If you have an important Microsoft Teams meeting coming up and you don't have an account, that's no problem. Microsoft has added the ability for users to join even without an account.

How to make a conference call on iPhone

Of course, nowadays, there are many options to communicate with people, for example, video calls, and it may seem that conference calls are in...

How to make Discord channel read-only

Don't know how to set up a read-only channel in Discord? This is actually very easy and you will see for yourself now. Does Discord...

How to get an animated profile picture in Discord

So, have you decided to diversify your Discord profile? There's a super opportunity to use GIF avatars. And this is where you'll find out...

How to turn on light mode on Discord

Many gamers and not only known to Discord and his versatility. This app allows people from the same circle of communication, activities to create...

How to send a Zoom invite

Since most companies and projects have been conducted remotely for several years, the Zoom app has become one of the most used calls. The...