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HousekeepingQuality and Fact-Checking Policy

Quality and Fact-Checking Policy

We strive to provide only high-quality content, so everything published on our website meets high-quality content standards and is fact-checked.

Quality standards mean that any content published on the site will be reviewed to determine the quality of the content and find mistakes that could mislead the reader. We value our audience, so we prioritize quality over quantity and always review what we publish. This involves several principles that we rigorously follow.

Accurate headlines

Our headlines are always 100% accurate and reflective of the content. We don’t strive to attract more clicks, readers, or impressions by using clickbait headlines. Firstly, because we understand that this may bring advantages in the short run, but will lead to a loss of reader trust in the long run. Secondly, because it’s generally unethical and unacceptable in today’s world.

Fresh and fact-checked information

Before an article is written, we gather information and verify it so that our readers can get only accurate and up-to-date information. If we use information from public sources, we try to include a link so that you can verify that the information was taken from a reliable source.

Of course, when we write a how-to or how-to guide, we don’t always have the way to link to the source, so in that case, it’s our own vision, but we will try to verify it and make sure it 100% works.

However, you may notice that we’re starting reviewing our articles – so they’re not only written by industry veterans but also reviewed by another person with relevant experience to find possible mistakes and fix them before the article goes online.

Only trusted authors with relevant expirience

We understand that there is a lot of informational buzz on the Web these days. However, we try to go the other way, so we have a very small (but productive) staff of writers who have relevant tech experience and so their expertise allows them to write this type of content. We value quality over quantity for a reason, as it allows us to create in-demand content that fits the best interest of our readers.



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