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GamingDoes Dying Light 2 have crossplay? And will it get it in...

Does Dying Light 2 have crossplay? And will it get it in the future?

At the moment we are on the border between the two generations of consoles, not long ago the PS5 and Xbox Series X was released but, old versions of the consoles are still relevant. No wonder many developers are still releasing their games for all the current generations of consoles and PC. Techland followed this path with their new game Dine Light 2. However, many users have begun to wonder if there is then crossplay between different consoles?

Is crossplay available for players of Dying Light

It’s actually a pretty interesting time right now. The fact is that at the moment there is a change of consoles from the eighth generation to the next. That means that most developers are trying to optimize their games for the previous generation consoles and release the title on as many platforms as possible.

As an example, we can mention the infamous Cyberpunk 2077. Often developers don’t manage to realize their ambitions on old generation consoles in particular because in this case, they are very limited in terms of hardware.

However, there are more successful titles. Dying Light 2 is among them. The game gets pretty good reviews from players and critics, and many comments on the stability of the game on different consoles. Even on mid-range PCs or the PS4 Slim and Xbox One S consoles.

The game is really quite good. However, nothing is perfect in our world. Some users observe various bugs at the start of the game. Others are dissatisfied with the quality of the story or the characters. In addition, many players are wondering if Dying Light 2 will be able to play using CrossPlay.

How to use crossplay in Dying Light and why you need it

Dying Light 2 is available to play online for cooperative play. This means that up to 3 of your friends can join your world and together you can play the game and all of the side quests or story quests in it.

At the moment there is no mode similar to the “Night Hunt” from the first part of the franchise. However, many users have begun to wonder if there is a crosplay in the game? Suppose you play on the PC, and your friend bought the game on the PS5, can you play in the same session together?

At this point the answer is definitely no. Crossplay between different platforms is unlikely to appear in the game ever. It’s quite difficult to implement and requires a lot of effort from the company. And Techland not so long ago stated that they are working on a brand new game in a new yet untitled franchise, besides the company is going to release at least 2 story DLCs. At the moment they just don’t have the resources to deal with this issue. Unfortunately a cross-platform online game is unlikely to ever appear.

However, according to some Techland employees, the company is considering adding cross-platform and cross-generation cross-play. This means that most likely the company is working to add crossplay between versions of the game for the PS5 and PS4, as well as between Xbox One and Xbox Series C and X.

It is worth remembering that at the moment online is only available to players with the same devices and versions of the game.

How does the co-op work in the game Dying Light 2

As previously mentioned cooperative is available for passing the main story, as well as additional quests. It works on a similar principle to Far Cry. You can invite your friends to your world to pass together, and you become a Host.

Globally this means that the stability of the game for all will depend on your Internet, it also means that progress in the world will be saved only for you, all others on returning to their worlds will continue the game from where they left off. However, they will be able to bring along useful loot and weapons from your world, as well as inhibitors, which are needed to level up.

Players will not be able to go far from the host, otherwise they will be automatically teleported to him. Also in-game chat is available. In addition, if you or your friend die, then your partner can come up and resurrect you without the need to return to the control point. This is quite convenient.

How to start co-op in Dying Light 2

Starting a cooperative game in Dying Light 2 is actually quite simple. All you need is to have the game, a friend on your Steam or Epic Storm friend list, and access to the Internet. Then you just need:

  • Before the co-op can be accessed you need to go through the prologue in the game. Coop will become available after the “Markers of Plague” quest.
  • Once you have passed this, pause the game and go to the Online Menu. Here you will be shown your friends that nodesyutsya in the game. You just need to click on them and then select Join or Invite to the game.
  • Besides, you also need to go to the settings of the game and under Online Options change the Game Type from Single Player to Public or Friends Only.
  • Also here you can enable or disable voice chat.

So in just a few clicks you can access the game or call your friend for help



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