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Google Sheets

How to print a Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Want to print your Google Sheets document? Let me help you with that.

How to make Google Sheets columns to be the same size

Need to make columns the same size in your Google Sheets document? Here's how.

How to show formulas instead of values in Google Sheets

Showing formulas instead of values in Google sheets isn't so complicated as it seems. Read on to know how it works.

How to create link to a cell in Google Sheets

When your document is filled with a very large amount of data, you may find it useful to create a link to some specific cells. In Google Sheets you can do this quite easily and quickly.

How to sort your Google Sheets by date

To make your Google Sheets even more functional, it's worth sorting them by date. However, not everyone knows how to use the built-in data sorting tools...

How to add a table to a Gmail email

Email services today have become as convenient and user-friendly as possible. This includes the...

What is a CSV file and how to use it?

Today's world is digitalized as much as possible. Every day people are confronted with...