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How to turn reader mode in your browser

Here you can find out how to enable reader mode in Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

How to turn off the dark mode in Google Search

In this article, you can learn how to optimize Google Search.

How to force dark mode on websites in Google Chrome

Want to enable dark mode on every website in Google Chrome? Here's how.

How to clear search history in Safari on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

In this article you can learn how to clear search history in Safari on different devices.

How to see saved passwords in Google Chrome

Don't get where to find your saved passwords in Google Chrome? Let me help you with that.

How to turn off private browsing on iPad

Don't understand how to disable private browsing on your iPad? Let me help you with that.

How to enable cookies on iPad

Don't know how to enable cookies on your ipad? Let me help you with that.

“This extension violates the Chrome Web Store policy”, what is it?

Chrome disabled the extension you need on its own? Here's what it might be related to.

How to use compatibility mode in Microsoft Edge

What is compatibility mode in Microsoft Edge? How you can use it? Read on.

How to hide the ‘Shared with You’ section on the Safari start page on iPhone

Tired of the Shared with You tab in Safari on your iPhone? Let me help you remove it.

How to take a scrolling screenshot of a website in Google Chrome

Don't know how to make a scrolling screenshot in Google Chrome? Let me show you how.

How to export Google Chrome extensions

If you change browsers, you need to know how to export extensions from Google Chrome.

The latest Google Chrome update adds useful new modes

Memory Saver and Energy Saver were added in the latest Chrome update.

How to turn off dark mode in Google Chrome on any device

Can't change the dark mode in Google Chrome? Let me help you.

How to update WideVine Content Decryption in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox

Found that WideVine Content Decryption Module is out of date? Let me help you update it.

Mozilla VPN and Mozilla Relay will become cheaper

Looking for a new VPN service? It's worth taking a look at Mozilla VPN, especially now it's cheaper.

How to enable an incognito mode on Chromebook

Want to use an incognito mode on your Chromebook? Here's how.

How to enable third-party cookies in Opera

If you find that third-party cookies have stopped working in Opera, this simple guide will help you fix the situation.

How to enable third-party cookies in Firefox

Here's how you can easily allow third-party cookies in Firefox.

How to enable third-party cookies in Google Chrome

Have you noticed that third-party cookies stop working in Google Chrome? It's pretty easy to activate them again.

How to add a shortcut to the Google Chrome homepage

Want to add shortcuts to the homepage in Google Chrome? Here's how you can do that.

How to fix Crunchyroll not working in Google Chrome

Crunchyroll stopped working in Google Chrome? There are a few fixes that will help.

How to create and save tab groups in Google Chrome

Here's how you can organize a bunch of tabs in Chrome.

How to remove quick search on Chrome on Mac?

To remove quick search in the browser you need to follow some steps. After that, you should follow the recommendations so that you don't get a quick search again.

How to disable split screen on iPad

How to get rid of split screen on iPad Safari on iPad has a handy...

How to download videos on iPhone from Safari

It's actually quite easy to set up a Safari video. It also only takes a few seconds to download.

How to disable Facebook in-app browser on iPhone or Android

Want to turn off Facebook in-app browser on your mobile device? Here's what you should do.

How to bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone or iPad

One of the new features of iOS 16 is the ability to bypass captchas on websites.

How to view your saved credit card numbers in Google Chrome,Firefox, Safari on PC and Mac

If you need to manage your saved credit cards in your browser, you can easily figure it out.

How to clear cache in Microsoft Edge

Clearing the cache can help fix different problems you may encounter when using the browser. Here's how you can easily do it in Microsoft Edge.

How to fix Twitch isn’t loading in Google Chrome

Want to watch a stream of your favorite game, but Twitch isn't loading in your Google Chrome? Don't despair. You can fix the problem using these simple instructions.

How to add search engine to your Google Chrome browser

Want to add or change a search engine on your Google Chrome browser? Here's how you can do it.

How to disable split screen on iPad in Safari

iPad is provided with a feature called Split View which is switched on by...

How to bypass ‘Your Connection Isn’t Private’ in Google Chrome

The Internet is a good thing in people's lives. It brings us great resources...

How to block websites on Google Chrome explained

There are many reasons why you might block certain websites when you use Google...

How to fix “Can’t take the screenshot due to security policy” on an Android device

You may have encountered the message "Cannot take a screenshot due to security policy"...

How to add the trusted site to Google Chrome

Every user has encountered advertising banners or pop-ups more than once, and there are...

How to disable offline mode in Google Chrome

Many people have encountered a situation where they need to browse some sites urgently...

How to set up Google Drive on Mac

While Apple users can easily use the iCloud storage service, it comes with only 5...

How to remove a Google Account from Google Chrome on desktop, Android and iOS

Google Chrome allows its users to access their personal data from different devices at...

How to fix 403 forbidden error on Google Chrome

It happens that websites can sometimes produce errors that many people do not know...

How to zoom out on Google Chrome

Have you ever had a problem where a certain website was so poorly designed...

How to turn on dark mode in Google Maps on Android

If you have already tired your eyes from constant super brightness when browsing Google...

How to delete saved passwords on a Google account

Internet users are constantly visiting different sites, and on some of them, they even...

How to clear Safari cache on iPhone or iPad

Each Internet user has at least once faced the problem of an overloaded cache...

Why does Google Chrome has so many open processes

If you often use Google Chrome, you've probably noticed that your operating system productivity...

How to restore Google Chrome tabs without the ‘Re-open the last session’ button

Sometimes we can accidentally close the tab with the right recipe or Google map...

How to share your Google Drive file with a link

First time using Google Drive and want to share your files with others but...

How to turn on dark mode in Google Docs

Not feeling comfortable editing text in Google Docs? Perhaps, you should change the look...

How to allow pop-ups on iPhone in a few steps

Surfing the Internet has become a common thing for every user. It has long...