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AppleApple is reportedly working on a new dock that turns the iPad...

Apple is reportedly working on a new dock that turns the iPad into a smart display

Apple is developing a dock for the iPad that could turn the tablet into a smart display or speaker. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that the company plans to unveil it as early as next year.

Amazon has similar functionality for Fire tablets. They also fit into a charging dock, and you can use them as a smart display. A week ago, even Google announced a docking station for its upcoming Pixel Tablet. It will work like the Nest Hub Max, allowing you to control your Smart Home through the Home app and interact with Google Assistant.

Gurman notes that an iPad docking station can work similarly. It will likely also allow users to make FaceTime calls and control Smart Home devices using Siri. Apple is also working on other devices in this area, including an updated version of the HomePod, which Gurman said could have an updated display, an S8 chip, and multi-touch functionality.



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