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AppleApple finally shows iPad 10 Gen

Apple finally shows iPad 10 Gen

Today, Apple unveiled several new iPads during their next presentation. Among them was the long-awaited upgrade of the basic iPad to the 10th generation. Now it’s an entirely different iPad than the one you’re used to.

The first thing that upset users a little was the increased price. Previously, the base iPad sold for $239 for a long time. Now the price has gone up, and it will cost as much as $449 for the Wi-Fi model and $599 for the 5G cellular option. Of course, this is due to several hardware improvements.

The 10th generation iPad is now more similar in design to the later iPad Air. Now it has removed the physical button under the screen and finally got rid of the lightning port. Now instead of it, all iPads will be USB Type-C.

Other hardware improvements include support for Wi-Fi 6 and, optionally, 5G. Also, the lock button now has Touch ID, as in the more expensive models. Apple has also increased the display size from 10.2 to 10.9 inches, and the front camera has moved to the edge of the screen.

Apple also replaced the A13 Bionic processor with the newer A14 Bionic, the same chipset used in the fourth-generation iPhone 12 and iPad Air. The company said it would boost performance by 20 percent and improve graphics by 10 percent over the previous model.

Also, along with the new iPads, Apple has released a new keyboard Magic Keyboard Folio. It offers “full-size keys, 1mm stroke, and responsive feel,” as well as support for “press anywhere” and “multitouch” gestures on the touchpad. It will use the Smart Connector on the iPad for power and data transfer, so there’s no need to connect Bluetooth or charge extra batteries. Instead of a “podium” for the iPad, it looks more like a cheaper Smart Keyboard, but has a removable keyboard, which is pretty handy.


You’ll be able to buy the new iPad starting October 26. And the pre-orders will be available today. Though it costs more than the previous version, Apple said that so far, they will continue to sell the iPad 9 generation as a cheaper alternative. So if you’re interested in the cheapest iPad possible, hurry up and get your hands on the iPad 9 Gen.



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