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Carriers50% off T-Mobile's 5G home internet service is available

50% off T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service is available

T-Mobile has been steadily expanding its home Internet service offerings in the United States. In addition, the company is constantly offering various temporary offers. For example, you can now try 5G home Internet for half the regular price but with some restrictions.

The cost of T-Mobile 5G home internet is $50 per month. That’s already cheaper than many of their competitors. However, a limited new make offers you Internet at $25 a month, provided you already have a phone plan from T-Mobile. This service has no data usage limits, but the speed is limited by T-Mobile’s cellular network coverage in your area and signal reception within your home.

Of course, as with any such offer, there is a list of exceptions and limitations. As mentioned earlier, you need at least one T-Mobile voice line. Also, the company has said that the low price can be applied through account credits — the first cycle or two accounts may cost $50 a month, but eventually, the $25 discount will kick in.

The site also states that the promotion “will expire if you cancel any lines or change your plan.” It’s unclear if this only applies to your home internet plan or if you mean all of the plans in your T-Mobile account.

However, even with all the BUTs, internet access is a good deal. It can replace your DSL or cable home Internet service. There is a 15-day test-drive program, but it is unclear when the 50% discount will expire.



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